blackbird's two minute movie reviews

Open Water 2: Adrift!

In which six stupid people jump off a luxurious yacht without dropping a ladder.
Do you have a prescription for Xanax? You're going to need it!
Who will live? Who will die?
Can I even watch the whole thing?
It's easy to think of solutions from the couch. I would have been dead in the first ten minutes.


KPB said…
Just the thought of swimming in open water - off a boat, in the middle of nowhere makes me all hot. And not in a good way.
Paola said…
Um, no thanks.
Anonymous said…
It pains me that people find this sort of movie entertaining.
Wendy said…
You'd have lasted longer than me.
I don't think I'd last ten minutes in the theater.
eurolush said…
I once jumped from a yacht off the coast of Panama and landed on a giant jelly fish. What we in the business call a Man-o-War. But that's a story for another time. And also, it actually happened to my twin sister, not to me. But I was there! I witnessed the tragic screaming! The agony! It might as well have been ME! We're twins, for godssake!
The Coffee Lady said…
I was going to ask 'why would they do that?' but then Eurolush answered it with her experience.

So the answer is, no-one in their right mind would jump off a damn boat.