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The ocean is calling me!

It's true - I've only just returned, am slogging through a work week, and then heading to Wellfleet.
And, while I've laundered every single piece of clothing we own, I have not packed anything AT ALL.

Fortunately, K has put together a food list and done the shopping for both the Cape and Tuvalu (some members will remain to go to work).

Picture 5
(People remaining to go to work.)

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This person, for example, will be remaining to go to work.

I'm bringing some Blue Moon to Wellfleet this year.

a case

Why, you ask? Well, I think I may be out of gin!

tower tide

Am I veering off target? Is my mind wandering?

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Anonymous said…
Happy Yesterday Birthday to Oldest. Same day as my nephew's. Happy Tomorrow Birthday to my little one. One year!

One of my favorite books, Isabel's Bed, by Elinor Lipman is set in the Truros, near Wellfleet. You are lucky that you get to go there. And I know you don't read, but I bet you'd get a kick out of that book. It's very smart and funny.

Badger said…
Happy day to Oldest! I will trade you a whole bottle of gin for your Blue Moon -- it's DH's favorite and our stupid sucky supermarket is always out of it.
We will pass each other on 95. Take good care of the Cape while I'm gone. I hope to be back by dinner on Friday the 27th after dropping the baby off at college.

God to Golden Cod Gallery in the afternoon and ask for Joan. Tell her you are my friend. She was my art teacher this week. Lovely, lovely woman.
Scot said…
If that pile of rocks is supposed to be a Tanquray ad, it's the worst I've seen yet. And are we supposed to read anything into the fact that Blue Moon - a Colorado beer - is the brand of beer that the wierd Jet Blue guy grabbed before he told everybody to f*** off and did the slide for freedom?
I'm so jealous I can smell the salt air!
Have a great time on the Cape. Did you know it was 54 degrees there the other morning?

And when did we get old enough to have sons who are 25???!!!
Mary said…
I cannot believe that I forgot you go to Wellfleet each year - is it later this year?

Have a glorious salty aired, gin imbibing time..
KPB said…
So it really is all beer and skittles in the Land of the Free.

And happy birthday Oldest!

have a wonderful time you beautiful lady you.
Paola said…
Yesterday I have been thinking all day: today is somebody's birthday. It was buzzing in my head and I couldn't figure out who I was forgetting, in the end I thought I had inverted the numbers of YOUR birthday.
Well, I didn't.
I failed.
I am getting old.
Happy birthday Oldest.
Miz S said…
Have fun, blackbird! Breathe that salt air deeply.
The Coffee Lady said…
Have a lovely time!
Suse said…
Happy belated birthday to Oldest!
Anonymous said…
I could look at this first picture all.day.long. Gorgeous.

Have a wonderful time, dear bb and non-work obligated family.

Happy belated to Oldest!

Genuine Lustre said…
HAHAHA!! If I had a dollar for every vacation taken with a teenage boy whoh looked like that.