we are slightly damp

We're going on day four of cold and wet up here on the Cape.
It never stops raining, though it does ease off from time to time and merely blankets us with a slightly frigid mist. The temperature hovers around 63.
Needless to say, though we are relaxed, we are beginning to get a little crazy waiting for some sun.
None of us packed for the weather and we are hoarding socks (I have none). Skirmishes have broken out over the possession of long sleeved shirts and we try, daily, to decide between whiskey and tea.

Yesterday, after our third unsuccessful attempt to sample the baked goods at the new French Boulangerie, we took the "over-sand route" to Head Of The Meadow with Youngest and his skimboard.

The ocean was WICKED.

seriously crazy shit

The tide was HIGH, and we had to drive very close to the edge of the sea which was alarming to me and Youngest - though it did not trouble K.


Though he made a valiant effort, conditions were not conducive to skimboarding and, after getting thoroughly misted from head to toe, we retreated in the Jeep.

red flags

We noticed the red flags on the way out.
Of course we had to pass this sign on the way in:

shark sign

So, you see, there's always some excitement.


Susie Sunshine said…
The red flag isn't all that scary, but that sign would DEFINITELY keep me out of the water!

So glad everyone still has all their limbs!
Soft Rock Mama said…
Whiskey, of course!!

My favorite 'picture' from your trip..."sufficiently de-aired, we did some driving..."
Living in the mountains we are always airing-up. I like the thought of air down and driving close to the edge of the sea.

Thanks for sharing.
Paola said…
Somewhat it's hard for me to picture all this rain.
Albeit watching pictures.
I guess whiskey is a must ...
Terese said…
I admire your devotion to the great outdoors in the face of adverse weather conditions. We are having big tides in Sydney from time to time in the late Winter. Ferry runs closed. Top surfers only venturing out on boards. Much oohing and ahing from surf head kids. There is nothing like the air at a beach.. I also have fond memories of St Clare Beach in Winter in NZ which stay with me. Green dark seas with relentless waves and mist surrounding me so thick the ends of the vista were faded out. The allure of the ocean. Australia is a coastal community largely. We cling to our shoreline like limpets.
I remember sending you a cold weather warning. You were supposed to pack winter clothes!
Scot said…
It' been on the news, it's been in the newspapers, Newsweek had a smell article about them. It's been all over the blogs, stellamarys AND Little Miss Sunshine State both left comments about them to you. And now this sign. SHARKS ARE ALSO VACATIONING IN NEW ENGLAND!!!!!.
And then that store selling those shark magnets - such poor taste - I live it! How could you not?
I'm kinda glad the weather sucks. Youngest and K would probably be up to theis necks in the surf.
I'm also really jealous and a bit tired of being landlocked.
Scot said…
SMALL article and I LOVE it...
Some day I'll learn to type, but not now...
eurolush said…
I'm pretty sure you're in Ireland...and not the Cape. That weather is insane.
ChristineMM said…
The Bay is better for skimboarding. Next time try the Bay. :)