Truro is the next town up from Wellfleet on the Cape.
We have friends who spend a few weeks there each summer but we've never really explored it. Not that there is much to explore. Truro is a town where people live, there aren't art galleries or restaurants or fancy shops - not that I have a problem with that.
But K and I had bought a lottery ticket and, one morning during the monsoon that hit Cape Cod last week, we decided we'd buy house with some of our winnings....
I hit the internet and picked out a wee tiny place right on the edge of the sea. Two million dollars.
You see, there are very few houses with ocean-front property on the Cape and there aren't going to be any more as the land is protected from development.
It's lovely inside, two bedrooms and a wonderful kitchen, but it's the location that is amazing.
Sadly, it is also the location that is its downfall...

<span class=

It needs paint - but we don't mind.

what's left

There's nothing left of the shore. That? We mind.

There is another house just across the sand -

the other house

we'd buy that one too, for the boys.

I can't begin to describe how windy and rainy it was while we stood looking at that house.
My eyeglasses needed windshield wipers - I could not keep them dry.
And the wind whipped through my hair and we were soaked in minutes.

stormy sea

It was wonderful.

We didn't win the lottery last week but standing there in the wind and sea spray it hardly mattered.


By the time you have grandchildren, those two houses will have tumbled into the sea.
Paola said…
Pretty scary that first house.
I cannot bOlieve the weather!
Anonymous said…
That is one precarious perch.

Winning the lottery is overrated, anyway.

Scot said…
So buy the ones across the street. By the time you guys hit retirement age - 10 years or so - that coastline will have eroded and you'll have beach-front property! You might want to buy farther inland for the boys.
Do they have a Brahms Ice Cream there? If not, screw it. Go to Provincetown.