This is what I know: there is nothing like a cup of chowder on a cold rainy day. My favorite so far is Macs.

This is what I think: rain on the Cape is not such a terrible thing. It just makes it a different kind of vacation.

This is what I'm wearing: undershirt and pants, black linen dress, black cardigan, chambray shirt, Campers.

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That's me with my new German Road Closed sign, which I am planning on using ALL THE TIME.

This is what could change my life: I did my nails like this -
but with navy polish and I LOVE IT.

This is what I'm eating: aside from the chowder? A half-pound cheeseburger with bacon.


Paola said…
Because you really believe I did NOT notice that???
RW said…
I noticed too. Yeah for us.
Amy A. said…
Love the blue dot nails! Hope your weather perks up for you! said…
It's totally worth it to be observant around heah.
The Coffee Lady said…
Dots, eh? Cunning.
Eleanor said…
Eurolush needs one of those German signs. I just know she does.
I caught a glimpse of the back of your head in the mirror.
Nice color!
Scot said…
Other than the Great White Shark refridgerator magnet between the lobsters and lighthouses (I totally want one of those!)what am I supposed to be seeing? Paola, what the hell are you and RW and talking about?
eurolush said…
Haha! I know what you look like without your German road closed sign!

(Okay, so Paola and Eleanor do, too. Sheesh.)