they came, they saw, they shopped

How does someone whose wardrobe color palette has one tone (dark) entertain ladies who appreciate bright colors and bold prints?
Point them toward mecca.


My pals love pink and green!

And there was a sale!


So much to see...and not a single thing in black. Imagine?

their motto

And, indeed, there WERE moments of silence while their prints did the talking.

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Delicious prints and lovely details.


I could (almost) live with that print in the middle - the one with the green band running through it.

I'm telling you, I looked the Tour Guide amongst them, with their beautiful bangles and perky shifts. I wore cropped black pants and a black buttoned shirt.
Wendy tried on some things at AllSaints while she was in the city but I haven't converted anyone as yet.

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No matter. They look wonderfully chic in their seashells and alligators.
(That's Susie, in that shot, doing her best Eileen Fisher, with Poppy, very late at night on the beach.)


Jen on the Edge said…
My wardrobe is the same as yours -- all darks. I've tried -- and failed -- to fall in love with Lilly stuff enough to buy anything. Too much pink.
I'm actually thinking of getting a light pink, sleeveless, LLBean polo shirt to go with my black capris.

I'm getting a little tired of black with black, or maybe I've just been working retail too long and I'm sick of the dress code.
Paola said…
How in the world had I never heard of Lilly Pulitzer???
My kind of store, although I like to change, but in my heart it's ALL about colours ...
unmitigated me said…
Your eye and mine immediately leapt to the very same fabric. I love the print!
Unknown said…
Eileen is my best friend, and thank God for Eileen on ebay. Although if I ever make it to NY, I hear All Saints calling my name.