sand and sea and sky

The very first moment it wasn't raining (Wednesday afternoon) the extended Bird clan packed up and ran (like crazy people) to the bay, where it turned out to be cold and damp and windy.
Tant pee. (Tant pis.)

Youngest (and his cousins) were able to make their own fun in the wee scummy tide-pool/marsh puddle.


Between the frigid temperature and the brackish water...I tried not to think about it.

mud skimming

The sun emerged as we were leaving.
Never mind. Dinner was delicious.

And yesterday? Well, yesterday was what a day on the Cape is supposed to be.
We rose early to make low tide at our favorite beach, it was warm, it was sunny - we stayed for hours. I have hundreds of photos and am too tired to sift through them for the perfect shot.

We left at about 1:30, went home for some gin and tonic in the back yard, shuffled together some burritos for dinner and went out on another excursion.
We wanted to see the seals at High Head again - but they weren't there!
Instead, we were treated to an amazing evening sky.

Youngest skimming


(We spend a great deal of time admiring Youngest's skills.) (And we are diligently trying to upload a decent video of him in action. Decent is the key word.)


(Doesn't my car look positively majestic?) (Do we want a new Jeep in the spring?)


(Youngest's cousins!)

sand and sky

Amazing, isn't it?

There's sand throughout the house (we made a beach trip in a monsoon which I will tell you about another day), we are starting to pine for our own beds and today is our last day...


Paola said…
Gorgeous shots, looks really beautiful on the Cape.
I was thinking, you're already thinking about changing your car again?
I STILL have the same, it's OLD now, but I don't see the car I'm in love with in the nearest future.
RW said…
The images are beautiful. I have come to realize that I quite enjoy living close to the ocean.
Brigindo said…
Does youngest ever stand still anymore? All the pics of him in motion remind me of Angel, when he was still a lad.
Poppy B. said…
Your penultimate shot was the ultimate!
Mary said…
There is something utterly compelling and beautiful about wide skies and the sea and a young man delighting in it all - photos to treasure
Duyvken said…
I've been reading the Alex Cooper series of books by Linda Fairstein and she spends a fair bit of time at her home on the Cape (as you do). Love the pics. The sea is such a refreshing place, isn't it? I do love being a fringe-dweller.
ChristineMM said…
Great photos!