a post (short) from BlogHer

It seemed to take me as long to get to the Hilton yesterday as it usually does for me to arrive in Chicago.
First, it was 1000 degrees outside.
Then I needed to drop my bag at my office and meet Susan Wagner for a little shopping tour.
(Which was lovely, indeed, but it was about 1000 degrees out.)
Refreshed/fueled by lunch (with wine), I set off again for the office to retrieve the bag.
I slogged uptown and made it to the hotel a short time before my roommate (not really roommate, it's just that I didn't want to go home after drunken party hopping and begged a bed from my beloved Poppy - and, apparently, I cannot attend BlogHer without having her put me up somewhere).
It was, pretty much, all drinks and finger foods from there on.
We (and we don't know why) were invited to this:


and had moon pies and spring rolls and melon on a stick and basil mojito slushies.
(Alexis Stewart is amazingly TALL.)
It was NOT on the roof deck (did I mention 1000 degrees?)but in the offices of MS and we had fun looking at props and branches and peeking into test kitchens.
We made new friends, ogled the office space and then headed back to the hotel to catch up with Susie.

Anyway - long story short, today is panels and lunches and more.
And it's good to see my blogging pals...


Paola said…
Crazy Mom! said…
I am SO jealous!

Well, not of the 1000 degrees thing. no - wait! That's the temperature HERE!

Have loads of fun....
alice c said…
I want you to take it all seriously because you are there for us - nonBlogher types - too.
Anonymous said…
That sounds like a good party. False advertising though.

RW said…
So are you saying it was NOT on the roof deck because it was 1000 degrees. out.
Anonymous said…
Well, having finger food on the menu usually means I'll have a good time. The rest is just gravy.