meteor showers

You know, I've been working and working on writing a post about going to the beach at 10:30 last Tuesday night. I've written and re-written. I've nearly hit PUBLISH POST several times, but I just can't pull the trigger.
We sort of made a group agreement, in the Hamptons, last week.
We stayed away from our computers, we didn't text anyone and we resisted the urge (for me, anyway) to recount our activities.
And now, sitting here, typing and deleting and re-typing, I find myself thinking about sitting under the stars with my friends during what was, in effect, radio silence, and I've decided not to share it.

I know you'll understand...I know I said I would, but I can't.


The last time there were meteor showers we lived on the Cape. We woke up the kids, grabbed blankets and jackets and thermoses of hot stuff and went to South Cape Beach.

Everyone there was so quiet.

I don't think I'll ever forget it.
Rachel said…
I bet it was awesome.
The Coffee Lady said…
I've had similar silences this last week or two, so I know how that feels.
Hilary said…
Personally, I love that you are not sharing it. I am sure it was so awesome and such a special moment.
Paola said…
Wise, poetic and nice idea altogether.
Anonymous said…
Loving your latest posts very much. I too have been at the beach, but on the opposite coast. Welcome back to both of us!

Poppy B. said…
I don't mind talking about one thing. I saw my first shooting star!
MsCellania said…
It's how I feel about blogging now. I simply don't want to share anymore, so I get it.