Marine Specialities

Raining? On Cape Cod?
Head to Marine Specialties.
Need a diving bell/flag/scuba tank? What about an ice axe?
ice axes

"Italian" Wine Carafes?

There's a wonderful model ship tucked away in a back room...


Hospital shoes are $1.95 and somewhat intriguing - possibly attractive!

hospital shoes

What did I want from this area?

Not the seltzer bottle, not the blue boa, not the hat box, but the cabinet of hotel keys.

Honestly, it was the hats that we loved most (though E bought some blue votive glasses for $1.00 each and I got some $2.00 dish towels).


This one is especially silly.


I would have bought this one ($11.00) but it was TOO ITCHY.


Hilary said…
I am shocked to say, but I do like those shoes....
Anonymous said…
I am glad you weren't seeking the wooden crotch-sniffing eagle in that picture. But hey, if that's what you had a secret yen for, who am I to judge?

I too like those hospital shoes. What a fun store!

I used to work at a theater company in West Falmouth in the summers when I was in college and half my wardrobe (which at the time largely consisted of black Bundeswehr wife beaters and combat boots with flowy Indian skirts) came from Marine Specialties. Thanks for the nostalgia trip. I'm glad to know it's still there.
Anonymous said…
That archer mannequin needs a lesson in keep-you-knee-over-your-big-toe or he is risking knee problems. Not even a crotch-sniffing eagle can save him.
Anonymous said…
That itchy hat looks very well made for $11.00. What a fun place.

Scot said…
I think that the crotch-sniffing eagle is the coolest thing I've seen all day. Creepy. but cool none the less. As soon as I saw that I started looking around my living room and wondered, what would a non-crotch-sniffing-person do with that? I'd probably hang it on a wall and hang a pail in its mouth mouth. I don't know what I'd put in the pail though. Underwaer?