links to look at

I don't even have time to call it Random!
This week I am:
Going to work.
Taking my fellow BlogHer editors on a shopping excursion.
Going to 53 parties (roughly).
Attending BlogHer.
And, THEN, having my Blogher pals to dinner at my house...followed by A Seaside Jaunt.
So, while I pack and make lists and try to plan my life, you can click these lovely links.

I'll be back in a minute.

Got A Girl Crush


Where Is Jackie Going?

I'll be there Saturday night.

Middle bought an awesome desk.

Is this not the most beautiful child?


Paola said…
I see, you're a busy bird.
Absolutely adorable, that child.
Anonymous said…
I clicked on the last link wondering how you obtained a picture of my daughter--who happens to be the most beautiful child. In the world, of course! But it was another beauty, not mine. And that's okay. Your comment was apt- that little one is quite Renoir-ish. Love it.

Caterina said…
I browsed the Volstead dinner menu. The "POPS" look very interesting. Hmmm, never seen or heard of anything like that. Wish I could go too.

Agreed, awesome desk.

Divine child!

...Oh! And that GAGC site, LOVE IT! LOVE IT!
chickie said…
If I had a girl crush
we'd collect
candy corn art
drink Eastsiders at The Volstead
and buy awesome stuff
(preferably of the impressionistic period).

Ya know, IF I had one.
Anonymous said…
The Bloggess will be at the Volstead on Saturday night, too.

But maybe she is not your type?