I'm no dummy.
I know how to maximize hits with titles and tags.
The truth is, I agreed to scramble off to Ikea on Saturday night, just two hours before closing, with Middle.
It was exciting.
You know the anxiety-driven rush of screaming through Ikea frantically searching for Vika, don't you?
We made it, despite traffic, and found the desk (they lie about inventory on line) and all four legs AND a chair.
Middle purchased all of it and cringed all the way to the car. (There are pigeon-deterring sound devices strategically placed every few feet which caused him considerable audible pain.)


With camera, he travels.

hipster alert

Tolerant though he may be, he does not suffer hipsters gladly. Or even nicely.

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Picturesque. And pigeonless.


KPB said…

Middle is part pigeon?
KPB said…
and that is one mean pair of mom shorts on someone clearly too young to be wearing such a travesty.
Scot said…
I long to wander the isles of Ikea, gold card in hand, teakwood in mind. However, the closest one is 433 miles away in utah. That's not a good enough reason to visit utaw.
When I win the lottery and buy a house on Cape Cod, will you and middle take me to Ikea?
Paola said…
Look at the last picture and you could e in Napoli, Roma, Sydney, Paris, Stockholm or anywhere else in the world, aside from where Scot is, that is.
Amy A. said…
Kim! You are right. My daughter is probably wearing the same shorts I got rid of in 1989! Crazy.

But I like the girls shoes!