I Met Them On The Internet

I am back.
I am home.
My sojourn has ended.
I am happy for my bed, as one is when one has been gallivanting - but, oh, what a time I've had.

BlogHer was all that it usually is, multiplied by about a thousand.
Poppy and I were seasoned enough to know what to attend and what and when to walk away. We had a great time and are fabulous roommates.
Poppy gets me. Poppy puts up with me. Poppy has coined a description that I should put on my resume:
(Said haltingly, as she discovers how apt each detail is)
You know, talking to you is like...playing ping pong...with a monkey...who has ADHD...in a CONFETTI FACTORY...AND THE PING PONG BALL IS FILLED WITH HELIUM.

So, there you are.

On Sunday morning Poppy and I went out to Tuvalu.
I needed to "rinse out a few things" (as my mother would say) and Poppy had a little quiet time with her iPad.
In the afternoon I met Jen at the airport where she rented a Land Yacht to transport us all to BlogHampton.
Wendy and Angie arrived in the evening, K made us Chicken Mole and Sangria and several stunning flavors of homemade ice cream and we set off.

Jen had made arrangements for us at an inn where Poppy and I roomed together in a classically styled suite of rooms which included a shower the size of my kitchen (There are bottles of essential oils over here, said the Innkeeper. I swooned.) and a king-sized bed so densely and beautifully outfitted with down that I sank into it like a pebble in a tissue box.

Angie and Wendy's rooms were in the back of the house. Their bed was even larger (if that's possible) and their loo was the size of my living room and included a tub I could tread water in.
It was their living room that we spent late-night hours howling with laughter.

Jen had a cozy quiet room tucked under the eaves of the inn (two floors away for maximum quiet).

How does one spend their time at BlogHampton?
One meets her colleagues at 9:00, in the rose garden, for breakfast.
Breakfast begins with a very large tray of fresh fruit, cut and placed in individual bowls for constructing one's own fruit salad. The little white pitcher holds a syrup of sugar, champagne and mint. I cannot even begin to discuss Lobster Frittata or the blueberry pancakes. Suffice to say that great care and exceedingly high-quality ingredients were matched perfectly to provide breakfasts the likes of which I have never seen.

We ate, relaxed, shopped and beached. A lot of beach. Gorgeous beach.
So, there I was.
Sitting with four women I adore. Four women who make me laugh till I cry, who ask after me and mine with sincerity and love, watching the waves.
I cannot really express how wonderful it was - how much it meant to me.



Jen on the Edge said…
It sounds wonderful and I'm glad you had a nice time. I'm surprised that Poppy didn't have you all wearing Lilly Pulitzer. :-)

It was great meeting you at BlogHer!
Miz S said…
Aw. That's lovely. Such a great world it is, with the blogging and the meeting up and the talking and the having fun. xo
Amy A. said…
Girl time! Wonderful. I'm still a little surprised to see faces on one of your posts! :)

I'm happy for you!
Laura said…
Oh Blackbird,
Sweet post. Thanks for the links and photos! And thank you for the reminder that in this crazy time we need to have fun!
The way Poppy describes you? That's kind of how people describe me!

There's nothing like sitting on the beach with good friends.
Carol said…
I am weeping! Weeping I tell you. Not only did they steal our possessions but they stole my vacation!
--V said…
I think my sister and I met you at the Volstead on Saturday. Am I right? Small woman with dark-rimmed glasses?
Scot said…
The admiration I have for your husband just went up a million percent! I make Chicken Mole about once a month and its a pain in the ass. I've started using the paste as a starter base, but ut's still a pain. Does K add the chocolate, peanut butter and the instant coffee? That's how my grandma taught me how to make it. It makes it soooo good. To those of you who've never had it and think that sounds gross, it is an Azteca dish origionally and most people either love it or HATE it.
If you make extra sauce it's great on tamales or cheese omelets.
Good for you! and K, I tip my hat to you!
That picture you posted had me trying to guess who is who. The wonderful comments you've made about them and interesting comments they've left here make me wonder who's face goes with who's comments.
KPB said…
How utterly divine.

And that you can tread water in that bath merely confirms what a short-arse you are.

Hear that? That's the envy talking.
Eleanor said…
But I'm your favourite, right?

E xxxx
Hilary said…
Sounds like you had a wonderful time!!! And, you couldn’t have asked for better weather. Did you find time to hit the wineries and do some tastings? That is always my favorite part of the Hamptons...
alice c said…
I don't know whether to be glad for you that you had a wonderful time or just plain envious. I am tipping towards the first because I am fundamentally a nice person.

p.s. are you really as scary as that?
Paola said…
I swear I left a comment and it's not here!
Anyway it was all about I started with envy, jealousy and anger but then, THEN ... I saw all those beautiful smiles and my feelings changed totally, I mean, have you looked at those girls?
Shame your smile is missing there ...
One day we'll have to make our own Blogbb/Poppy/Wendy/Alice/Eurolush/Susie/Kim/Eleanor/Angie/Suse/WHOEVERIAMFORGETTINGRIGHTNOWPLEASEESCUSEME happen.
I am telling you!
Paola said…
... and I am with Scot ...
K you're a STAR!!! I miss you ...
unmitigated me said…
*sigh* miss you all!
Jen said…
It sounds just heavenly! Poppy's description is hilarious and surprising. As someone who only "knows" you from your blog, I would have guessed you were the pensive, quiet, observer type.
Velma said…
It's sounds like a lovely time was had by all the lovely ladies!