here we are

crack pie

I had promised to make Crack Pie before I left Tuvalu - one for those remaining and one to go to Wellfleet - but I forgot to do it...I forgot the towels too. And the fitted sheets. No matter, after speaking, twice, with the landlord as parts of the house were without electricity and none of the house had water and remedying those situations, I didn't feel too bad about borrowing some of his linens.

This morning we went for our off-road vehicle pass. At the tip of the Cape, in a windswept shingle house, the park ranger inspects your vehicle and supplies. We have our shovel, our plank, our tire gauge.

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We were instructed to watch a short movie detailing the rules of driving through the sand (featuring plovers!) and sat in a room with the most wonderful old photos.

don't let this...

(K would NEVER let THAT happen to US.)

C Whitney

Mr. Whitney's caught himself a big one!

frank and charlie

We moved the Jeep to "air down" so we could do some off roading and met the best guy. He was airing down his Jeep too and had the coolest devices that were letting air out of all four of his tires at the same time - to the precise pressure required. I marveled at this equipment and told him he was the hottest fisherman on the Cape (he had a kayak and great gear).
Yep, that's what the ladies tell me, he said without missing a beat AND with the heaviest Cape accent I'd heard in a long time.
He's from Yarmouth and fishes at Race Point every weekend with his buddies. He had terrific stories for us (most recently involving a Great White being trailed by a boat with the soundtrack from Jaws playing at full volume).

Sufficiently de-aired, we did some driving through the dunes in the drizzle and cold.


If you left your shoe on the very tip of the Cape I've found it for you.

Back in town we hit the store for an electrical item.

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Did I mention the weather? Crappy.
Don't worry, I'm pretty tanned -

tanned feet

besides, it's the perfect weather for chowder.


Crazy Mom! said…
I envy you. Looks like such fun. You are fortunate to be close to the beach.

And I envy that you can TAN - I just burn!

Have a lovely time!
Hilary said…
I love the dark toes with your tan. I have stuck to bright / vivid colors this summer, but I think for my next pedi, I might have to go dark!
Scot said…
Anonymous said…
Look at those tan little piggies. Cute! I have a dark blue Sally Hansen Insta-Dry polish. It's great! It really does dry insta-ly.

RW said…
hey I have dark toes too. but I have a flip flop tan line... how is it that you don't have one...

when we were in westport - my husband did his own version of a chowder taste off - I think he tried 4 different versions.
Love the shoe tree!

I am officially jealous that I live in Florida and your feet and legs are tanner than mine.
Paola said…
You ARE tan!
And I can't believe it's cool enough for sweatshirts and chowder.
Yum yum yum ... chowdah ...
Have fun