empire state of mind

A gray dress.
A black dress.
A black skirt.
A black shirt.
Everyone is tweeting and blogging about what to pack. And where is everyone going?
They are all coming here.

I walked to work this morning and saw it all differently - looked at it like a visitor. We should spiff the place up a little in my city. But, then again, that's not the way we are. You can take it or leave it - but we aren't going to put a bow on it for you.
We've got none of the pretty that Chicago boasts.

I'm attending some of BlogHer this week. I'm looking forward to Susan's panel on Friday and I'm excited about spending a few hours with my fellow editors on Thursday. But, after that?
It's BlogHampton for me, courtesy of Ms. Lancaster.
Jen is taking the stars of Chapter 2 on a seaside retreat and I could not be more...more..I DON'T EVEN KNOW WHAT. If I talk too much about it it renders me sleepless.
What am I packing for THAT trip?
Swimsuits and cover-ups, flow-y dresses and sandals. Sunblock and gin.


Jen on the Edge said…
I'm very much looking forward to being in your city tomorrow! And also hoping to me you. :-)
blackbird said…
How to spot me:
cowering from your camera
blackbird nametag

Do approach and say hello!
Paola said…
Another BlogHer ...
This time in New York!
I am MAD about her. She's MY town, I've declared my love the very first time I set foot there and will never betray.
My heart belongs to the Big Apple.
Amy A. said…
Oh, bb! You are practically a celebrity, with your seaside retreats and meetings with editors and clamouring throngs.

I wish I could come, but I hardly qualify as a blogger these days!
I can imagine the hilarity when the stars of Chapter 2 all get together. I'd be snorting all the time!

Have a great time!
Hilary said…
Have a great time this weekend! The weather will be perfect, although with all the chapter 2s even if it wasn’t, you will probably be laughing too much to care! It is funny; I had to go to NYC for a meeting yesterday. As I was boarding the train, I was thinking about it as a visitor too, but probably in a different way. I couldn’t help but think how I really didn’t want to go into the city, how I take the city for granted, and only really appreciating it with out of town visitors. Meanwhile, so many people are dreaming of seeing the big apple. It made me sad…
MsCellania said…
I smell another chapter in the works resulting from the upcoming weekend. I fear the traffic alone will keep you home bound, but you'll be in such great company it will be perfect.
Unknown said…
I'm positively green with envy! Jealous, jealous, jealous, JEALOUS!! Jealous of the city, jealous of the parties, jealous of the fabulous people, jealous of the seaside, jealous of all the FUN!!

Have a fabulous time, and I hope you and Jen (on the Edge) get to meet. I look forward to the reports.
The Tutugirl said…
Since I won't be at BlogHer, I hope there's plenty of tweeting from the BlogHampton crowd. Y'all are hillarious, especially when together.
Anonymous said…
You are going to have such a good time. Have a mint gimlet if you can. Or two!

Eleanor said…
I'm sitting here with a huge, silly grin on my face. Party on bb, party on!
Wendy said…
You know what I would enjoy? bb in Lilly! Actually I'd like the look on your face after we wrestled you into some Lilly. Sadly, you would never let us photograph it.
Paola said…
OH Wendy, if I were there, we WOULD.
Miz S said…
Smiling as I read this, and the comments. Have fun, little bird.
Magpie said…
I didn't know that you lived/worked in my city. Huh. And how did I miss you at BlogHer? Huh.