Blackbird's Two Minute Movie Reviews

I packed last night.
I had a handful of luke-warm french fries (by choice), a couple of glasses of wine, gabbed with K's mom for a long time on the phone, and I packed.
I'm pretty certain I've forgotten some important items (no toiletries yet and I have been known to leave all the underwear at home) but they have stores that sell toothpaste on the Cape, right?
(Have also read that it is unseasonably cool up there - note to me: sweatshirts!)
When I was finished (in more ways than one) I decided we should watch It's Complicated.

I knew that Nancy Meyers directed this movie and she did Something's Got To Give so I was ready for fabulous kitchen sets. She did not disappoint. With the sets. I'd only give the movie a four, but the art direction was very nice.
So, what's the story?
Well, we are meant to feel sorry for poor Meryl Streep who is a new empty nester.
Unfortunately, it's hard to feel sorry for someone with such a luxurious nest, such a perfect nest.
Her relationship with her ex is enviable - they know each other's foibles, have great chemistry and are both successful (Meryl/Jane is a chef - think Ina Garten). It's the perfect set-up for them to have an affair, and they do.
That Steve Martin is an attractive architect poised to do a major reno on Meryl's house is merely a distraction. He is going to build her the perfect kitchen and master suite we learn and I wanted to throw something at the screen. Perfect?! What ISN'T perfect already?
To tell you the truth, I got bored. BORED.
My final criticism is a technical one...I never much thought about the fact that movies are looped. Most movies are shot and then the actors go into sound studios and do the dialog again so the audio in the movie is of a better quality in the finished product. In most movies this is seamless and the audience is not aware of it - but in this movie it was a major annoyance as Meryl and Alec sounded as though they were speaking inside a dark closet. Bad.

But here - here is some garden porn:

Ever since "It's Complicated" was released in theaters last week, the online garden community has been buzzing about Jane's (Meryl Streep's) vegetable garden, above. Its lushness, colorfulness, perkiness ... well, it's almost pornographic. One doesn't know whether to envy it, or to be concerned about anyone that eats from it.

The LA Times Daily Dish

This movie made me want to see SGTG again to admire Meryl's kitchen in the Hamptons.

Meryl's kitchen

Ah, The Hamptons....


Wendy said…
OOOh, new kitchen ideas!
Paola said…
I lovd both those movies. GOD, the kitchens ... sigh.
Stephanie said…
I loved her kitchen, her relationship with her kids, and her bakery/shop. Loved her shop.

The movie was dumb, I thought. The funniest moment for me was the laptop incident. Loved that part.
MsCellania said…
I swear some of my acquaintances remodel their already remodeled perfect homes just so they have something fresh about which to gripe. Geesh. (We're going on 7 years remodeling this kitchen, and it ain't done yet. It a DIY never-ending story)
Anonymous said…
When we did our kitchen, my inspiration was the SGTG kitchen. I LOVE that kitchen. And did you know that the counters on the set kitchen are supposed to look like soapstone, but in real life are just painted plywood? Love that movie trivia. (Our own counters are plain matte black granite--lovely.)

RW said…
Yes. While I loved looking at the screen with all the beautiful images I just did not buy the story line - most divorced mums do not live such a life.

the garden - oh the garden.

enjoy your time away
Unknown said…
I haven't seen it, but I will now just for the set decoration. It's the same reason why I love Adrian Lyne films so much -- real estate porn.
Anonymous said…
The movie was trash. And the internet says Alec is 5'11" and Meryl is 5'6" but strangely he towered over her. Anyone with that kind of house should not be bitching about anything. And I want to know where you can grow vegetables like that IN THE SHADE.

just saying.

Scot said…
Well the garden porn didn't get me excited or anything but the kitchen 'bout gave me a,...oh, sorry. That kitchen does look like The Contessa's.
dan renzi said…
Something's Gotta Give is garden porn, and The Barefoot Contessa is cooking porn.

Steve Martin in It's Complicated seemed like he forgot how to act. Terrible! What's wrong with him now?
vicki said…
i think you meant to say "Nancy Meyers directed the film..."
Soft Rock Mama said…
Enjoy the cape.

Scot, you are funny. I always enjoy your comments.
Priscilla said…
Garden AND kitchen porn.

*helplessly drooling over here!*
alice c said…
Omigoodness...empty nesting...bathroom renovation...exciting opportunities...this is the movie for me

there are two problems as far as I can garden would not entice anyone...and frankly if it has to be Steve Martin it is not really worth the effort.
Barb said…
Alec Baldwin is 5'11'' like I'm 5'11''. Meryl Streep is standing in a hole in that photo above.