the beach

It's no secret that I adore the beach.
We usually head to the beach early in the morning, me and K, and stay until we feel guilty (which is usually around noon) and run home to do weekend chores.
At the beach with my family, I spend a lot of time scanning the horizon for Youngest. He's fearless and I still feel obligated to ensure that he doesn't drown. Not that there would be much I could do from the shore...not that he's not a good swimmer.

But, see, at the beach with four girlfriends...well, that's a great recipe for relaxation.
There was never any pressure on us to go anywhere or do anything or watch out for the children.
We had snacks and drinks and company. Or quiet if we needed it.

sitting beach

We sat in tide pools, we waded, we walked (well, not me - I don't go for walks). We people-watched (there was a fabulous fellow with his girlfriend sitting near us who did the very best flailing-like-a-crazy-man into the water whilst being tormented by a horsefly. She stood on shore making the Loser sign on her forehead), we sat and enjoyed the seaside.

While Poppy and I are accustomed to sitting and staring at the sea, Wendy, Susie and Jen don't live by the coast. Susie did not disappoint us with her ocean skills - she met huge waves head-on and, just when we thought she could take no more, ran back out to do it all over again.
I loved watching Susie and Poppy floating on their backs just past the break. (I am not a strong enough swimmer to get back from beyond the break and a lady drowned at that beach the day before.)

the ocean

We returned to the beach, long after dark, to see the meteor showers.


Doesn't it look like the champagne is levitating?


Lover Lady said…
I adore the beach too. My favorite thing is when we begin to get close to our destination, rolling down the window and smelling the wonderful smell. I hope to go in October.
When I go to the beach with my husband we stay for about an hour or 2.
When I go with my daughter, we stay about 3 hours.
When I go with my friends, we stay 6 hours!

I only go into the ocean up to my knees.
Tracey said…
Love the levitating champagne. And I'm with you when it comes to swimming. I wade in a bit. Unless it is really really, like Greece in August, hot. Then I might actually swim.
Miz S said…
I love to think about Susie Sunshine doing battle with the waves. And I am looking forward to the meteor shower report. I like how you are giving this story in little pieces.
Paola said…
I could never get used to the ocean, I am sorry. But with a group of friends like you had, I could enjoy it none the less.
I and Fabio watched the meteor shower and yes, I thought you would too. It was fantastic.
Love the Champagne!
Send Susie over here, I'll take her for a ride and we can jump head in an dlook at the beautiful colours surrounding us, including those cute little fishes.
Hilary said…
There is nothing better than spending the full day at the beach, and then being able to returning at night, all showered up. (Bringing a cocktail with you is a plus.) I think there is no greater relaxation… But then again, I am spoiled….

I love having visitors that do not live near the coast. We have friends from UT that visit several times a year. They have such a huge excitement to be near the ocean. Even in January, when it is bitter cold, they run on the beach, just to experience the sights, sounds and smells.
Wendy said…
Yes, the best part was being there with friends. No worries of my children drowning. As long as I have a large umbrella, I'm happy as a clam.