away I go

I'm off, people.
I'm headed to the beach.

leopard swimsuit

I'm planning on eating well and relaxing and wearing my Purple Harem-Leg Sash-Tie Bandeau Jumpsuit. (Sale $49.00)

But, it's darker in the morning, and cooler in the evening, and so, my mind wanders to fall clothes -

a long skirt

And long sleeves.


And sweaters...


...sweaters with the merest hint of a ruffle.


KPB said…
if you start dressing like Miss Havisham then I am so killing you with a tray.

Have a wonderful time lovely lady.
Brigindo said…
That third pic is a photoshop nightmare.
Paola said…
I have to say I agree with Brigindo. That shot freaks me out, really.
Have fun and relax for me too, I am in need of quiet time.
Jennifer said…
Well have a wonderful time~ I'm jealous, you and another friend of mine are going where I want to be!
Jan said…
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alice c said…
Pass the credit card - I want me some of that dislocated hip action.
Scot said…
I'm going to assume that the first picture is Wilma Slaghoople (yes that is Wilma Flintstone's accepted maiden name!)Waaaaaaaay before she married Fred. She was totally hot.
Hope youz have a good time at the sea shore. Yes, I'm totally jealous.

Check this out - we had SNOW on Pikes Peak friday! SNOW! We could see it from town! It's still hotter than hell here in town but SNOW!!!!!!

Is it wrong that it's so hot here that I keep a face cloth in a coffee can full of water in the fridge?
MsCellania said…
I can't see the clothing as I am horrified by the skeleton on which they are draped.
Have fun on the beach!
Caterina said…
Hahahaha....laughing at MsCellania and alice c ...hahaha.

Agreed, that is one freakish looking skeleton.

But nice clothes :)