the weekend

Daniel Schorr died on Friday and my weekends will sound different from now on...National Public Radio is a constant in our kitchen, over the weekend paper, whilst making waffles, off in the car to the ocean, and we listened to his deep, slightly gravelly voice with the hope that he'd make sense of the things we were hearing. I, for one, always counted on him to reassure me that, though there might be doubts, things might be okay. He never let me down.

guy in hat

I followed this very tall, impressive fellow through part of the station on Friday.

really cool guy

I tried to get a clearer shot of him - but now I like the way these look.
His suit was perfect, cut narrowly with just a little sheen to it.


Neat map? Watch for it at BlogHer where I've worked hard on a shopping post which will go live sometime before NY is besieged by The Women Who Blog! (I'll keep you posted.)


HOThothot summertime heat. It's awfully humid here in Tuvalu and the cicadas are buzzing.
We attended Youngest's final summer concert on Friday evening. It was very dramatic as a huge storm was approaching the harbor where the band shell sits. The sky was purple and lightning flashed almost constantly. The conductor "called an audible" and announced that they would play only three compositions leaving us to safely return to our homes, which was a relief as we were sitting under one of the biggest trees in Tuvalu.

It was Youngest who requested the beach this weekend (I spurred us on last weekend).

Youngest 1

He's still practicing with his new skimboard...


which leaves me with lots of photos like this -


but he has been somewhat successful.

on the beach

And still takes a beating from time to time.

conversation, good

The bonus: a couple of hours of one-on-one time with him. Fabulous conversation and insight.
Aren't you glad we don't have an adversarial relationship? he asked me. So many kids I know can't stand their parents - but I've never felt that way....

Today, I'm working with Middle on a couple of projects. Middle has given me so much to think about this week - none of it bad, but all of it weighty.
And I'm going to touch up my hair.
And paint my toes.


RW said…
I treasure the good bits of conversation I have with my children. They are still my children even though they are 15. Right?

We are aiming to find some surf in about 10 days.
The Coffee Lady said…
What fantastic pictures.
Paola said…
I meant to comment, then I received a bad call. Lately it's all going sideways ... work is not good.
Well, let's just say I forgot what I wanted to comment.
Just love the post. As always.
Crazy Mom! said…
I miss Daniel Schorr too. He was wonderful.

I'm jealous that you're so close to the beach....
Scot said…
The very first words I heard today were about Daniel Schorr. I too was saddened to hear of his passing. He was a permanet fixture around here thanks to NPR news. I tended to habg on every word that he spoke and think he had a major part in shaping my oinion of the way things are. I will miss him. The tribute that NPR did for him today was nice. I really liked the storie thay told about hm and Nixon and Frank Zappa. Crap!
Anonymous said…
Sad about DS. Heart glad about what Youngest said. Wow.

Does Poppy answer random questions about makeup? I need a product recommendation, and you've sung her praises before. But I'm not sure if she writes/works from an agenda, or if she just would help a friend of a friend out of the kindness of her heart.


Anonymous said…
I like your "man in a train station photos". They are very "Mad Men". Youngest's words pull at my heart. I've a son his age and know what a treasured sentiment that is.
Defunct Lisa said…
Very sad about Daniel Schorr. He's been waking me up for over 20 years now, pretty much ever since I moved to America.

Sometimes I wish I had the peace you present as your life.
The amazing relationships you have with your kids.

I agree with Paola, things are going sideways...
Anonymous said…
Sad about Daniel Schorr, happy about Youngest. That's life.
There's nothing better than having kids who want to spend time with you.

I love the surf pictures. Youngest seems so tall.
Hilary said…
The storm was one wicked one! There were even tornado warnings!?!? The lightning was breathtaking over the ocean however. I must admit, I love a good summer storm. Great pictures of youngest, I love his bathing suit. I guess that is one disadvantage of living where I do. I see pictures of the beach, and focus on the clothes…hmm…..strange.
If you go for black, consider a white flower on one of your big toes….Great way to brighten up a dark color in summer.
Anonymous said…
Only you can write a post making me start at sad and end at happy. Daniel Schorr's death really shocked me, I guess I had NO idea he was that old. His voice was this sturdy constant that I could rely on. I always listened when it came on the radio.
Miz S said…
What a delightful observation from Youngest. I'm fond of your boys, you know.