I am completely addicted to Habit and spent the weekend reading it backwards. Its short thought-provoking lines and photos have me re-thinking long-form blogging. But we all know I always have a lot to say....
My string of thoughts, having walked away from my laptop to fold laundry/load laundry/clean the kitchen/go to the movies:

I've suddenly remembered people putting those little poles with string running between them around newly seeded lawn.

I find myself itching for time with them - a few words begged from each of them, from any of them, is like a sweet reward.

me: I'll make orzo salad. We could eat it as a main course (his eyebrows raise). We should make another salad to go with it.
him: Maybe a meat salad.

I remember when one of them wanted to try gum, wanted so much to be able to chew gum.

That feeling from allergy medicine. Like floating inside your own body.

So, there you are. My strings of disconnected thoughts.


Anonymous said…
I can see how Habit would become habit-forming. Like twitter with brains, right?
Cat said…
Hahaha, laughing @ GreenGirl. "Twitter with brains," hahaha :)

Sometimes, your words, your thoughts, really warm me. Even when they make me sad.....still feel something. FEEL.

Like this, "I remember when one of them wanted to try gum."
I love that!
Anonymous said…
The heat is getting to you...in a good way.