then I hit delete

Some of you were surprised to read that I receive email pitches.


So, I thought I'd show you some of them.


I think, for one reason or another, that I may be ineligible for this contest.


Apparently there is lots to do at camp.


Would I like to interview Amy Roloff? No. Would I like to have cocktails with Amy Roloff? Probably. But that's not what "Chase Wang" is offering me.


I'm probably also ineligible to receive a copy of this book. Not that I'd want one.


I need to go and vote for a baby. I'll bet they're cute.

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So many things about this last one trouble me. I am offended by the use of 911 in the subject line, which I find inflammatory.Plus, I'm afraid this "Valued Customer" calls bullshit on infant deaths being prevented by breastfeeding - not that I doubt that breastfeeding is healthy for babies.

Seven emails before three o'clock, I had another seven by five.


Badger said…
You actually READ them? The email address associated with my (now mostly defunct) makeup blog still gets 30+ emails like this per day. I just delete them unread. Although many of them are invitations to exclusive product launches in NYC, hey, maybe I should FORWARD THEM TO MY FRIENDS IN NYC.
Want more time with parents and children with family? Can operate as long as the trivial time
Welcome to learn a simple understanding of free market
Thank you for your time reading, do not give up the chance to even know, know no loss to you!
Paola said…
What, now they're here?

I couldn't possibly show you my SPAM, and when I say MY I mean the SPAM I get from my very own email, to myself. It's all about size and length and whatnot ...


Anonymous said…

Checking in after having to be absent for several days/posts. Happy belated bday, bb! Life in Tuvalu seems to be humming along.

Anonymous said…
Oof. What spamtastic crap you get, Blackbird? But occasionally you find a gem.
Rae said…
You make me feel so much better about deleting the offers I get. :)
Duyvken said…
Holy cr*p! Breastfeeding misinformation pisses me off like you wouldn't believe. I know someone who has started refering to herself as a Lactivist and its all I can do to stop from slapping her.
I fed my babies formula and was made to feel AWFUL about it.
Personally, I think politicising feeling babies infantilises mothers who are women capable of making well-informed decisions.
Anyway, I'll get off my soapbox now :-)
Thanks for the chance to rant!
Elan Morgan said…
I get those, too. Delete.

What's amazing is the percentage of them that I actually find offensive.