then I hit delete

Some of you were surprised to read that I receive email pitches.


So, I thought I'd show you some of them.


I think, for one reason or another, that I may be ineligible for this contest.


Apparently there is lots to do at camp.


Would I like to interview Amy Roloff? No. Would I like to have cocktails with Amy Roloff? Probably. But that's not what "Chase Wang" is offering me.


I'm probably also ineligible to receive a copy of this book. Not that I'd want one.


I need to go and vote for a baby. I'll bet they're cute.

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So many things about this last one trouble me. I am offended by the use of 911 in the subject line, which I find inflammatory.Plus, I'm afraid this "Valued Customer" calls bullshit on infant deaths being prevented by breastfeeding - not that I doubt that breastfeeding is healthy for babies.

Seven emails before three o'clock, I had another seven by five.


Badger said…
You actually READ them? The email address associated with my (now mostly defunct) makeup blog still gets 30+ emails like this per day. I just delete them unread. Although many of them are invitations to exclusive product launches in NYC, hey, maybe I should FORWARD THEM TO MY FRIENDS IN NYC.
Paola said…
What, now they're here?

I couldn't possibly show you my SPAM, and when I say MY I mean the SPAM I get from my very own email, to myself. It's all about size and length and whatnot ...


Anonymous said…

Checking in after having to be absent for several days/posts. Happy belated bday, bb! Life in Tuvalu seems to be humming along.

Anonymous said…
Oof. What spamtastic crap you get, Blackbird? But occasionally you find a gem.
Rae said…
You make me feel so much better about deleting the offers I get. :)
Duyvken said…
Holy cr*p! Breastfeeding misinformation pisses me off like you wouldn't believe. I know someone who has started refering to herself as a Lactivist and its all I can do to stop from slapping her.
I fed my babies formula and was made to feel AWFUL about it.
Personally, I think politicising feeling babies infantilises mothers who are women capable of making well-informed decisions.
Anyway, I'll get off my soapbox now :-)
Thanks for the chance to rant!
Elan Morgan said…
I get those, too. Delete.

What's amazing is the percentage of them that I actually find offensive.