slow blogging

My office blog is suffering - people on vacation, people busybusybusy with launches of top secret blahblahblah.
My home blog is floundering as well. (I never know the difference between Fluke and Flounder, fyi.)

BlogHer has me in for three pieces this month (which, believe me, I'm not complaining about) and I've been writing away! And the conference is in just a few short weeks.

And my home-life is fraught! Fraught, I tell you, as Middle is contemplating his future and it IS NOT WHAT WE EXPECTED. (Okay, maybe we did. A little.)

Youngest, in the meantime, is completely enthralled with his pre-college classes in town this month. He's been hither and yon with a camera and has been bent over a sketch book during the wee hours doing homework (this pleases me). He texts me during the day to tell me where he is and how beautiful his surroundings are. I've missed his enthusiasm over the past year or so as he was busy being VERY 16.

So, how about I toss some photos at you?

I have

I need this on a sign. To hang over my desk. Or maybe over my sink.

new book

A new book! By my idol.
I corresponded with Ms. Kalman a few months ago regarding sponges and buckets and ladders and am looking forward to her exhibit next spring.

star tee shirt

Nice tee.

Anyhoo/how/hee, I'm off.


Mary said…
Youngest is 16??!!! Already ? That time has flown.

Thank you again for Maira who you introduced me to a couple of years ago. I will make a note to order this one.

Of course curious about Middle but respectful of your/his privacy..
Jen on the Edge said…
And where did you find this adorable t-shirt?
Duyvken said…
I love hearing about your boys. Glad it's all going well!
Anonymous said…
I would appreciate texts about beautiful surroundings so much more than premature phone calls about being LOCKED in malls.

RW said…
thanks for the tip of the new book.

I too, am intrigued by Middle.
Anonymous said…
Passionately curious. What a beautiful phrase. It would appear to describe your boys well.
alice c said…
Mmmm...predicting the future of teenage activity with lots of dangerous cliffs to fall over and bushes to crash into...but sometimes the ride can be exhilarating.