regarding the dryer and the fitting in

I had tangled with a duvet which I had tacked into a duvet cover. This is the work of Satan, the duvet cover, IMO.
Everyone espouses The Duvet Cover as the greatest thing since, well, sliced cheese, but I find duvets and their covers absolutely maddening.
Youngest is the only one left with a duvet and cover and he loves it but it is a chore to launder.
When I was done wrestling it free (of ITSELF!) I attempted to re-insert it in the dryer in a way that would prohibit tangling and just dove right in.
K snapped me and then closed the door on me. And, yes, getting out was difficult.

In other news: three out of four boys accompanied me to the beach yesterday. This was an amazing turn of events (Oldest was home sick and had lived through an eight hour outdoor music event the day before).
We left at nine in the morning and drove to the seashore where we set up our chairs and observed life around us.

Noting the arrival of a man in his 60's accompanied by a very young blond in a small bikini:

Youngest: Maybe she's part of some kind of senior citizens outreach program.

Noting the arrival of the guy wearing long pants selling necklaces:

Middle: It's just not a day at the beach without some peddler, is it.

I don't remember what we said about the group of Russians sitting behind us but I do know one of them was wearing a vertically striped Speedo and another was wrapped in a Kiss towel.

But back to the dryer. I think we can all agree that that was the least flattering photograph of me to ever appear on the internet.


alice c said…
I just assumed that it was part of the 'you will recognise me when you see me at the airport' training package.
Scot said…
I don't know if this will help you or not. A few well thought out and well placed pieces of velcro sewn inside the cover and onto the duvet make it a hell of alot easier to deal with. Turn the cover inside out , line up the velcro tabs and slide it on like a condom. Uhm, sorry 'bout that.
Never, and I can't stress this enough, NEVER wear your ipod headphones while doing that. Unless you like electro-shock therapy. Satan smiled!
A day at the beach - I'm soooo jealous! I'd love to be there with you guys - or - a very young blond in a small bikini. That youngest cracks me up.
Hey, my secret password is STOLI. I'll take my cue from that.
Scot said…
ALSO, I hope K threw a dryer sheet in with you so your hair wouldn't get all staticy!
Anonymous said…
I too find duvet covers exhausting. When I yell at the kids to bring their sheets down, and the youngest decides I must also mean the duvet cover, I sometimes WEEP.

The Coffee Lady said…
I have a nerdy household tip about duvets and clothes pegs. But feel free to ignore me, because I am very tedious.
Hilary said…
The only perk of a duvet cover is it is so easy to wash (once you are done wresting it that is). You don’t have to worry about bringing it to a dry cleaner / laundromat and getting completely ripped off since you couldn’t fit it in your washing machine (My husband just paid $60 to get two down comforters washed – probably more than they were worth at this point). People watching are one of the best things to do at the beach. I miss that the most about going to the big beach. Now, we are usually alone or know everyone (although I can sometimes our neighbors can give me a chuckle)
Anonymous said…
Once I thought I wanted a duvet cover and duvet--a wonderful friend talked me out of it and I've been thankful ever since.
Senior citizen outreach program. Heh.
Anonymous said…
Delurking to say that Martha's trick to duvet re-assembling might help you to hate them less. Flop the duvet cover (inside out) on top of the duvet with the hole at the bottom. YOu and a pal stand on either side of the bed and scootch, scootch, scootch your arm from the hole to the top corner closest to you. Then, you grab the corresponding corner of the duvet itself, hold on tight and flop and flail until the duvet cover is right side out and now covering the duvet! (I realize that this is probably super annoying, but it just helped me so much and avoided the sweaty, trapped in the duvet cover dance I would always do). I think you are wonderful!
Your pal,