I've taken the day off from work. Actually, I'm "working from home." So, you know, email me if you need an appointment or anything and I'll be right on it. Seriously.
It's cool this morning - we had thought we might go to the beach but it's only 67 and that would be closer to 60 at the ocean, so...
K has cobbled together a bookcase for our room built entirely from a bookcase from our room from when Middle was a baby. I had no idea we had saved it but we had (we save everything, it's terrible) and he refinished and reassembled it for our present room. It's too white - I need to throw some fabric over it to soften it somehow. I'll do that this morning (while I check email) as K needs to wait in for a work project that's coming via overnight shipping.
Later today I'm going to head into town to shop at AllSaints (sale!)




as it is difficult to see what's what on line. And, also, sale!

And THEN I am having dinner with Eleanor and SOMEONE ELSE. Oh, the anticipation.

I'm bringing my camera.


Anonymous said…
NO WAY! You LUCKY! Of course, I cannot be too jealous because you introduced me to Eurolush, but still...
Enjoy your weekend.
Hilary said…
I am working from home today too... Fortunately I get to do so every Friday! But, I do start early and have been plugging away since 5:30. It is definitely cool by the beach, but surprisingly there is no breeze off the ocean. So, if you change your mind, in the sun, you’ll be pleased…. Also, the ocean looks like a glass lake today...very serene and very pretty!

Have a great day!
Paola said…
LIVID, I tell you.
Also a bit happy, but still LIVID.
Is this bad?
Scusi uno momento - did you not tell me it was a website for "20-year olds"?? LOL! I think you'd love cool in it all. I want the boots.

And the legs that would fit into those leggings.
blackbird said…
Tis young, it's true...BUT I'LL MANAGE!
Happydog said…
The boots....ohhhh the boots.....
Anonymous said…
You NEED those boots. OMG. Those boots are amazing.

Please do take some croppy pictures for us...that's right, croppy. Of the shopping AND the lunching. Can't wait!

Miz S said…
I need a picture of the bookcase, please. I'm in my decorate-y phase.

And kiss the Lush-ious wench for me.

Wait, you don't kiss, right? So pinch her for me.
Suse said…
Give em both a tight hug from me.

Wish I was there with you all.

Anonymous said…
I am officially jealous. Eleanor AND LUSHIE, at the same time, at the same table. Let the good times roll!
Julia said…
What a dream table, a truly magnificent trio! Ya'll have a great time.
Mary said…
Did you know that there was a discussion that lasted only a minute about me coming over as well.

Maybe next year!!!

Love to you all.