the monsoon

K and I puttered around all day yesterday.
We did a washing machine experiment (a switch is broken, but all you have to do is bang your fist, once, on the lid, and it works just fine), we did some chores, we worked on a project with Middle, I painted my toes...and, finally, at about three o'clock, we decided to pick up some things at the store.
It was getting cloudy but we hopped on the scooter.
We needed eight or nine things.

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(incidental and unrelated shot of K parking the scooter at the train station)

We parked, noted the darkening sky, and went inside the market.


(and, incidentally, do you SEE who K has parked in front of?!)

We got some chicken, some fruit, some Fage and a green pepper. (Fascinating, isn't it?)

Whilst looking for some donuts I glanced outside and noticed it was very dark.
K joined me on line and there was a sudden gust of tremendous wind just outside the door and I noticed the grocers running to put away the umbrellas that shade the outdoor displays.
We were halfway through check-out when the store lost power for a second and our order was lost in the blackout.
The cashier (Samuel, whom I love) asked us to move to the next register as the monsoon began in earnest.
It was raining sideways. Tree branches were blowing across the parking lot. The lady at the next register would not let us approach.
While I ran around the back side of the line, K tried to get onto the front side of the line - the wind howled and sheets of water hit the windows while people ooohed and fretted.
I explained to anyone who would listen that we were on a motorcycle but no one seemed to care.
We checked out again. I thanked Samuel and told K to check the scooter as I was worried that the wind might have knocked it down.
He returned and we moved to an open porch-like part of the store where we were mesmerized by the monsoon.
It was torrential. There was water everywhere. We were getting soaked when K and Middle called each other. Middle had things under control at home (closing windows and checking pumps) and was wondering if we were in the car...
After a brief discussion about how and when to get home which vaguely resembled that movie scene where the guy screams at his love: No matter what occurs, I will find you during which K did not want me on the back of the scooter under such conditions and I did not want K on the scooter at all, we went out into the tempest and made our way home.
We were soaked.
The groceries were soaked.
The house was okay.
The Jeep is full of water (it leaks).
There are branches everywhere.
Our bed was covered with pine needles and sticks.
The basement is dry.
It was very dramatic and the boys met us on the porch - with cameras, of course.


Sarah Louise said…
I'm in that place where I need to know: did you pay for the groceries, finally?

(It's an annoying place to be, I know. Last night watching the Holiday, it was as if my "willing suspension of disbelief" button was on the fritz.)

Glad you made it home safely.

blackbird said…
We paid for the groceries...
Hilary said…
I have a question too….Please tell me that people that wouldn’t let you go in front of them quickly exited the store after they checked out and didn’t wait by the doorway for the rain to subside
blackbird said…
Hmmm...good lady did leave immediately, which I thought was foolish as she was elderly. Of course, now I've set myself up as we tried to get in front of an elderly woman at the supermarket...
RW said…
my ventures to the market are never that dramatic. what is a Fage?
Paola said…
Well, I have a question too, if I may bother you: what happened to RVG (Red Vespa Guy)? You never mentioned him anymore and now ... there it is our beloved Red Vespa, just in front of K's scooter.
FAGE is the best (Greek yogurt for RW).
Also, you've mentioned cameraS.
We want pictureS.
Amy A. said…
Yikes. Nothing like an east coast storm.
Anonymous said…
Summer storms. I love them.

And yes, pictures please.

Anonymous said…
Those sudden squalls--I like to imagine them whirling through the world like a tantrum-y toddler. Small, but destructive.
Anonymous said…
A good storm begs to be recorded. I hope your boys got some good shots.
Miz S said…
That same storm caused a lot of damage in DC. I am here at the beach, but we heard quite a few storm stories on the news. You know, branches falling and, ah, killing people. Glad that didn't happen to you. OBV.