Monday off

I'm spending the day with my visiting brother.
I'm rather pinkly sun burned.
We are cooking dinner together. Yes. Me, my skin and my brother will be cooking.

Here. This can hold you over (though I've just realized that I have some other things on my camera):

Middle by Middle

Middle spent the day, yesterday, at a race track.
I worked hard not to think about it.
This is him in a Porsche just before they did 140mph.
The footage he took whilst doing 180 in the other car is too much for me to watch.
He texted me that he was well strapped in.
"They even gave me a helmet!"


Paola said…
Well, make sure he can take me to do that on my next trip.
I am green with envy ...
Anonymous said…
does the mirror say 'objects in mirror are going faster than they appear'?

Anonymous said…
How nice-- Monday off. Enjoy, and yes, stay far away from that footage. Eek.

jo said…
He looks like The Stig
Anonymous said…
You know, if that photo had been taken in my country he would be sitting in the driver's seat...