last night in Tuvalu

It was a beautiful evening.
The clouds were perfect and the sunset dipped behind them before making us too warm as we hunkered down in our Dick's chairs by the harbor.
Youngest has been playing with the Summer Band. I had, mistakenly, thought Summer Band was made up of students as they practice at the high school, but Summer Band is staffed by students and teachers and civilians! Wonderful-looking elderly Tuvaluans sit with eager looking middle school kids. They practice a couple of times a week and play on Friday nights. It's great and I'm thrilled he has chosen to be part of it.
And, to top it all off, last night they played a Sousa Scramble. I love marches!


We returned home to the most unbelievably rich and delicious homemade chocolate ice cream.
A perfect summer evening.

This weekend?
K's mom (who is DUTCH! TOTALLY DUTCH, PEOPLE) will join us for the World Cup final (I've been greatly entertained, this week, by co-workers telling me ALL ABOUT Paul The Octopus) and my brother arrives.

I'm taking Monday off!


Badger said…
Well, that all sounds swell.

And summer band in Tuvalu is TOTALLY DIFFERENT from summer band here. The boy child's summer band, which starts in about a week, is an extension of regular band class at school. Attendance is MANDATORY. He has been told that if he has to skip even one day of summer band, he should not sign up for band at all.

It's from 8 a.m. to 4 p.m. every single weekday.

For a month. During the summer.

Marching on blacktop in 100+ degree heat.

Happydog said…
Monty Python! Must be lovely sitting out in the summer evening....
Unknown said…
I love "El Pulpo Paul," as Spain's president calls him. I think he is rather charming looking for an octopus.
Anonymous said…
I kept waiting for the giant naked foot to smash down onto the band shell.

Oh, wait, Youngest is in the band shell. Never mind.
Sharon said…
I've played in Summer Band (same type- young, old and in-between)for years. Started young. Now I'm in-between. Probably still be doing it when I'm old. And it's AWESOME.
Anonymous said…
I also love that Youngest is a member of the community band. It sounds like a pretty cool thing to do. In a wholesome way. Does he have a crush on the first flutist? (I used to be first flutist back in the day.)

My R made a delicious cherry pie. I think I'll go have some now.

Anonymous said…
Love the summer band!

Hup Holland Hup!

alice c said…
Purleeze...a little more respect...
when you refer to 'The Mystic Mollusc'.
Paola said…
They sound fantastic!
Mary said…
The kids and I went for Holland - as you know my father was Dutch. We have had sweet conversations about how much he would have loved this World Cup if he was still alive - like many other Aussies he would have been getting up at 4.00 in the morning for sure to watch the soccer.
Anonymous said…
I need to get my crew to a concert in a park.