It was as it has always been.
Scorchingly hot.
Lots of laughing.
A sweet tiny baby, kids in the pool, the scent of kielbasa on the grill (though he let K help cook).
But this time there was more to celebrate.
After so long of being so ill, MFAOA was herself again.
It's been nearly a year and I am so grateful.

It was a wonderful day.


Anonymous said…
I can smell the kielbasa..... I miss the Kiebasa. The Aunt and Uncle... eh. (KIDDING!)

robiewankenobie said…
hop! hip! hooooooooeay!!!!!
Anonymous said…
I can hear the sounds of your wonderful day in my imagination.
Very nice.

islaygirl said…
i am so pleased for you, bb!
Paola said…
Was there anything forgotten this year? I like that story ...
Mary said…
The best news of all.
Anonymous said…
I am very happy to hear that your aunt is doing well.