it's all very English

So, I went to John Lewis yesterday because The Coffee Lady made me. (She's very witty, that Coffee Lady, what with her caffeined children and all.)
It's Britain's Favorite Retailer!
And what did I want to see at John Lewis?
Well, you might be surprised.
Not bra straps, that's for sure.
When browsing abroad, I like to look at all manner of objects:

Staten Island

shoes, of course. I do wonder if they know that a rather large area of Staten Island is a landfill?
Am very much liking the phrase reduced to clear. Bertie Staten Island Screw Stud Flat Sandals indeed.

O(a)<span class=

And speaking of place names...

<span class=

Fascinating, yes?

Other accessories that caught my eye:




Another view.


This is called a flask. Now, in my world, a flask is the thing we carry our whiskey in. It's small and silver and we tuck it into the top of our thigh-highs. Or somewhere. Where I live this is a thermos. Do the English have a great need for flasks? Is there a lot of picnicking going on over there? I suspect this is all part of the plot to convince humanity that we simply cannot travel anywhere at all without being properly hydrated at every moment of our lives. I do not approve.
But this is a pretty flask.

wash bag (sic)

This is clever and adorable and I luff it. Even if we don't call them "wash bags."

<span class=

WHAT? WHAT IN THE WIDE WORLD does everyone DO with a hot water bottle? What am I missing? Truly. I'm asking. SOMEONE HELP ME.

It's all right. I'm over it. Let's visit Electricals, shall we?

<span class=

Now look and listen carefully:

astounding <span class=

I'll have one of these. Immediately. We don't need to talk about it, just have them ship it over.

This too -


quickly. Send it on a boat.

Also, I never admire televisions but this one is so unobtrusive that I must have it.

a very fine television

Which, parenthetically, reminded me of this -

<span class=

(not from John Lewis, but stunning)

<span class=

How long has the world suffered with hideous air conditioning units? A long time, I'll tell you - and, as Middle just told me: good design costs nothing.

I wandered into toys


but I got confused.
Iggle Piggle is a very fine name.
Oh, and he has his very own facebook account. Isn't that sweet?

Where to next?


Lover Lady said…
I <3 that fridge. And the AC unit. Your Middle is a smart boy.
The Coffee Lady said…
One goes to bed with the hot water bottle when it is cold. One fills it with hot water. D'oh.
Stop leading me to places where I may spend money!

And did I mention that I love Middle??

BTW, I'll be home for the next month and you can be sure I'll be visiting the place of 400 sewing machines.
Anonymous said…
If you had three daughters instead of three sons, you'd know what hot water bottles are good for!
Unknown said…
I am going to say something very smugly.

I have a charge account at John Lewis. Because I used to live 1 short block away from the Sloane Square John Lewis and did all my shopping there. Except for when I moseyed down the road to Harrods, also easy walking distance but pricier and so darn touristy.

I am glad you are discovering the sweet joys of British shopping, but you must go to take advantage of all the glorious handmade crafts. They are light years ahead of us in the handmade arena.

And if you have ever spent a winters night in a real Victorian row house you would understand the joys of a hot water bottle on your toes.
alice c said…
It is the hottest day of the year and I am IN John Lewis with MasterM. I do not wish to talk about the incident with the motorised salt and pepper grinder OR the discussion about lemon reamers - OK?
Anonymous said…
I hate to disagree with Middle because I adore him, but I must: good design MIGHT cost more because designers with taste are not thick upon the ground and there is much competition for them. But I appreciate muchly his sentiment.

Hot water bottles are for camping and have no place to plug in the heating pad.
Suse said…
We take our flask of tea with us everywhere. Picnics, soccer matches, soccer practice, etc. One always needs a hot cup of tea close by.

I see you've already been enlightened about the hotties.
Duyvken said…
you fill the hot water bottle with very hot water, slip it into a pretty cover and put it in the bed (right where your feet go) for about 20mins before tucking in the children. Then they all have snuggly warm feet to help them fall asleep. Lovely!
And I want those oklahoma shoes.
Duyvken said…
oh and the fridge. But that rather goes without saying, doesn't it?
Anonymous said…
I love that bag that looks like a parcel!
Sarah Louise said…
Regrettably, the fridge would not fit in my apartment. But then again, if I kept it full, the food would go bad. So I guess I'll keep my "apartment-size" fridge with its measly freezer space.

LOVE the wash bag.

And while I might agree that good design might cost a little more, I completely agree that it SHOULDN'T. I mean, if they offered my a/c unit in pink plastic, I would love it even more.

It's good to be back--it's been ages since I've visited you in Tuvalu.