the internet is a wide open place

Or, wait, Random - Random is another possibility.

I know every single word of this:

I cannot explain why or how, exactly, but I do. I have been looking for this clip for a couple of years and it has always alluded me. When my brother was visiting he found it in an instant. Miraculous.

I read this in 2002. It is still valid today. You ought to read it - and, if you'd be good enough, could you pass it on to some people I know?

Scroll down to GET A ROOM OH WAIT YOU HAVE ONE. Sometimes me and Mimi see eye to eye. (Though she is probably taller than me.)

Now loving Bodie and Fou and especially this wedding photo post.

I would like a car coat named Alain.

Am liking, very much, this illustrator. Her work seems to me to be a lovely balance of modern and retro.


That's all for now, kids.
I'm off with the husband -


but I have more to tell you later.


Paola said…
It's been SO LONG since I said I'm off with the husband ... SIGH
workworkwork, as you say
Amy A. said…
Pearls! Pearls! Pearls! Love it. :)

Have fun with the hubby!

I'm off to check all your links.
Anonymous said…
That Mimi was pretty funny. And my husband just bought a JCrew raincoat that looks just like Alain. Maybe I will start calling it that.

Have fun w/ K.

My Owl Barn said…
Thanks for sharing the link to those lovely illustrations! Have a great weekend!
Anonymous said…
I don't know how you do it, but you always find the most wonderful sites. I should have a folder in my bookmarks that reads "Blackbird picks" because SO many come via your recommendation.
Duyvken said…
Those wedding photos are adorable!
I have just fallen in love with Mimi and Nora.

How do you get your husband to spend a day at the beach? Mine is bored to death after 90 minutes and I need to stay at least 6 hours.
Thank goodness I have a friend who shares my all-day-beach love.
Cindy said…
Well, I need to stay at least 6 hours. Thank goodness I have a friend who shares my all-day-beach love. thanx for sharing.