in which K and I attend a rock concert

Doesn't that sound quaint?
A rock concert?
Yes, a rock concert!
It was excellent! Mr. Matthews and his band played so well and I was thrilled to see them.
It was an interesting evening, which began with our train ride with every teenager from a ten mile radius...

K suggested I tape the cacophony as I tend to complain if someone is on their phone during my commute. This group was slightly louder than my fellow commuters. And many of them were enjoying Bud Lite! Who knew this was a precursor to a concert?

We arrived en masse. Me and K and 45,000 other people. We were herded along, frisked and searched and made our way to our seats.

baseball and rock and roll

K got us some big plastic cups of beer and I settled in for some people watching.
Lots of loose tops with more tops underneath them and showy bras was the look I saw most often. And flowy dresses. I saw many long, breezy dresses.

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K showed me how to Shazam the opening act.

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And, as the sun set, the crowd filled in and the anticipation grew.

crowd scene

Finally, it was time for Dave.
Yo! Dave! We love you DAVE, the guy behind me insisted on screaming at the top of his lungs. Because, you know, Dave could, HEAR HIM.

Carter bigandlittle

Dave's drummer is always so happy, and so were the people all around us, which is not to say that we were not happy...

it's just that we haven't been to a rock concert in an awfully long time and weren't used to the, um, environment.

Oh, and, do you see what that nice little girl is doing?
And what this lady is doing?

text and beer

And this woman?

<span class=

Texting! or Tweeting, I don't know!
Hundreds of people around us spent three hours checking their email. Or emailing. Or texting. It was remarkable.
I am remarking.

No matter...Dave played and played and played.

Dave, big and little

It was pretty swell. They even played a couple of my favorite songs

We plodded off, into the darkness, with the throng, boarded a special post-rock-concert train and hopped on the scooter in the dark heat.
My ears weren't even ringing.


kt said…
Fun! I noted at my most recent concert (Paramore with my girlie--they were good!) that people don't raise their arms and holler "Yeah!" when the band comes on or starts a song that they feel a special affection for....they yell "Yeah and raise their arms so that they can get their phones up high and get pictures of the show instead of actually enjoying the "BEING at" portion of the show.

Mebbe I'm jest gettin' old and crabby....

Jen on the Edge said…
Sounds fun!

The guys from DMB live in my town and, while I've seen them around and about (grocery store, restaurants, etc.), I've never seen them perform. I should probably remedy that at some point. :-)

Oh, and they're all super nice guys too.
Anonymous said…
I love DMB. They are great live.

I went to see Kings of Leon recently and was doubled over in laughter when, instead of everyone raising their lighters, they all raised their cell phones and started swaying.
Did you get a contact high from second-hand weed smoke?
That's what happened to us when we saw DMB a couple of years ago.
Happydog said…
I'm with you it just me or is there nothing people can't just enjoy without "sharing" it with the rest of the social media world? You know maybe with the people you CAME WITH or even *gasp* yourself? Okay now it's official I'm old....
smalltownme said…
I enjoyed Peter Frampton/Yes last week and was happy it was an older audience because mostly everyone STAYED SEATED!
FONTY said…
your blog looks nice!

˙noʎ ʞuɐɥʇ ˙ǝʇısqǝʍ ʎɯ ʇısıʌ ǝsɐǝןd
Paola said…
A rock concert ...

And now a brief interruption:

my guests have left. Yes people, after 27 nights here I got up @ 5:45, prepared breakfast for them who only emerged @ 7:05 (their taxi was @ 7 so I ASSUMED ... never mind ...)

Lots of cleaning my friends, LOTS OF IT.

You may resume your chores.
Anonymous said…
Happy Birthday Honey!!

Anonymous said…
Happy Birthday, Blackbird!

Yo, Dave, I love ya, too!

I'm so happy you went! I had it marked on my calendar and never got around to buying the tickets. sounds like a swell time.
Scot said…
I love watching old people at concerts. WE rock!

A friend of mine once wrote;
"Happy happy birthday, dear friend...
Back at ya!

@ majorbedhead cell phones instead of lighters...totally cracks me up. Have you seen the lighter ap for iphones?
Anonymous said…
And I'd be terrified to bring my phone into a concert because, you know, I might LOSE it. And have to pay $50 to replace it. Sheesh.
Ah, concerts. I feel very old now.