the great scooter excursion

We decided to take the scooter further than we had ever taken it before...6.7 miles over hill and dale and past sea, because I wanted some fresh peaches from a farm we love.
And so we went. Over and around and through the hothothot until we pulled into the dirt parking lot at the farm.


There is a breathtaking sunflower field at the farm.
We parked our scooter between Range Rovers and Smarts and shopped.


We chose some tomatoes and peaches and arugula. I heart arugula.


We bought fragrant onions.

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We chose the biggest cucumbers.


I asked one of the farmers for a recommendation. His suggestion? Yellow watermelon. Delicious.


The farm is so romantically beautiful.
(This year, I noticed the business card of a photo stylist on the counter. I fear it is no accident that the farm is beautiful.)

bins and coats and flowers

There isn't a huge variety of goods at the farm - only what is available and fresh (still dirt covered). Eggplant (purple and white), potatoes, cucumbers and peppers.

cans of flowers

And huge bins of sunflowers.

We made our purchases -


(the boys bought me sunflowers for my birthday) and hopped back on the scooter and took a different route home...

loading up


where did we find ourselves? Anthropologie!
For a little birthday shopping!
What did we see?

beautiful dishes

Magnificent measuring cups!

butter dishes

Beautiful butter dishes!


A sophisticated skirt! (On sale!)

K entertained himself looking at cookbooks...

summer cookbook

he noted a recipe or two.
And then we went home in the hothothot and had some peanut brittle ice cream.


Eleanor said…
Perfect birthday outing! Happy birthday dear little bird xxxx
Crazy Mom! said…
Happy Birthday to you!!!!

I hope it's the best ever.
I had a vision of you on the back of the scooter, one arm around K, one hand clutching a big bouquet of sunflowers!

Happy Birthday.
Anonymous said…
Those beauties are measuring cups??

Happiest of birthdays to you.
Julia said…
Happy Birthday!!
hilary said…
Amy A. said…
A very happy birthday!
Badger said…
Happy birthday to you! I love farm shopping. Never tried it on a scooter, though.
Jen on the Edge said…
Happy happy happy birthday!!!

I love farm shopping, although my trips either involve a car (far off) or bike (farmers' market close by).

Fields of sunflowers make me smile.
alice c said…
It is just like Amelie - butforreal! What a lovely way to celebrate your special day. Wishing you a wonderful year.
Hey! Happy Birthday to my little Dryer Elf!
Anonymous said…
*sigh* Perfectly perfect. And many happy returns of your special day, Blackbird.
Caterina said…
HaPpY BiRThDaY!!!

Those flowers are gorgeous. All of 'em.

Does the yellow watermelon taste the same as "regular" watermelon?
Scot said…
I think things you use everyday should be made more special. I'm so tired of the stamped aluminum measuring spoons I have. Do those $32 measuring cups come in sets or open stock? I really like the blue ones, shocking I know, but the yellow, green and red ones - not so much. Is $32 too much because I can totally see myself paying that. I want the measuring spoons also.

On anoter note, I have no idea what theee guys are saying but I like the video and the song.
RW said…
oh many many happy wishes for your birthday.
Megan said…
Well, That sure a great birthday hopping, happy birthday to you :)
carry said…
The flowers are so beautiful. anyways, Happy Birth Day!
eurolush said…
Heppy Birthday! Heppy Birthday! What a beautiful day. Love the photos.


Lover Lady said…
Sounds like a great day. A special one for a special person.
Paola said…
Fantabulous! You know next time we must go ride our scooters together, it's so much fun!
Hi K!!!
I miss you.
Happy belated birthday. Again. Sigh.
Mary said…
Happy belated birthday from me too - the BEST day you described - my idea of heaven..
cary perk said…
Does K take pictures of recipes on his iPhone? I always do, and it's often at Anthropologie. I've gotten some awesome recipes that way (without buying the book)

Happy Birthday!