friends, near and far

Dear readers, I have returned from my eventful evening in town.
I have conquered and shopped and purchased from AllSaints.
I have supped with bloggers - and an especially interesting LURKER.
I have smiled to myself all the way home on the train and I have, just now, returned from the beach and have that wonderful post-beach relaxation setting in.

Where to start!
AllSaints is an extraordinary place. Unbelievable...

400 antique Singer sewing machines.




Spools, too...


It was crazy crowded but I had plenty of time.
It was very difficult it assess garments on their hangers, but I had patience.



An excellent dress. Completely transparent.
I was quite tempted by this, um, blue thing -

blue thing

long tee shirt? Dress? Difficult to say. And more difficult to wear. To the office?
But then mine eyes did spy the rows of boots - and lo, it was even more difficult.
Fear not!
I chose!

Deliciously soft leather. Fabulous diagonal zipper. Very AllSaints Post Apocalyptic.

And then - as one simply must have something that speaks of AllSaints Post Apocalypticness...

<span class=

this divine twisted-seamed, loose ties, not a real color, asymmetric cardigan thing.
Which, I will add, is completely transparent. And gorgeous.

Off I went to meet E(leanor), E(urolush) and EL's sister, B.

They traipsed out of a taxi, I met them on the sidewalk and we took each other in.
It was a moment, dear friends.
To see these women IRL? A moment.
Ah, and the sister? The LOVELIEST addition to the party. A LURKER.


(no, she does NOT have crazy eyes, it's the cropping) I should OUT her! I should tell you exactly who she IS and where she LIVES - oh, I should. But I'm too nice - erm, SHE'S too nice! Funny too. Hysterical, even.

still explaining
(EL, apparently explaining)
I think we ate and drank.
I remember Sancerre (a favorite of mine).

E explaining
(cropped, out of focus shot of EL EXPLAINING SOMETHING ELSE)

Mostly we did a lot of talking and laughing.
There is no way to describe the thrill of being with bloggers one hasn't met before - one knows them but doesn't.
At one point the conversation degraded to confessions. You can imagine: I've never written about this but we...or: I've always found it hard to write about...this theme turned to real confessions (but not so) I've got a glass eye. I don't really live in Germany. I'm a man. We have a fourth child. It became difficult to breathe for the laughter.

Outside, after dinner, I managed to spin them all round and get them completely lost. Block after block, with them following and me acting as the Leader Of The Expedition, as we observed all kinds of people and walked in the cool darkness. Finally, I gave up and we took a cab.
We walked E to her apartment, EL and B walked me to the train and I'm quite sure we all had aching cheeks from smiling so hard.
Also, I had a small gelato at the station. (I had to wait 25 minutes for my train.)

So. There you are. I know you've been waiting.
It was extraordinary. From boots and experiencing a wonderful new store to meeting three terrific women.


KPB said…
So desperately jealous.

So deeply envious.

So so wishing for a benefactor to fly me to Tuvalu NOW.
Paola said…
SO what Kim said ...!
RW said…
it sounded pretty fabulous.
The Coffee Lady said…
Really. I have no idea who any of those women are, and I have no desire to meet them.
Anonymous said…
Oh what FUN! But so many questions. E has an apartment there?? I thought E was from Au. Hmm. And what is up with B just lurking all this time? She doesn't look shy. Come on, B! And my goodness, EL is gorgeous. They all are. And their true confessions are hilarious.

And you are so cute! I love your sandals. I love that you got to browse, try on AND purchase in that amazing store. Love it.

Unknown said…
Oh, I'm with Kim and Paola!

Okay, I wish I was with YOU, and Kim and Paola...and Eleanor and Eurolush and B. Wow, what a gathering that would be...

I hope I get to see you again before too much more time passes. I'm itching for another trip to Tuvalu's big city.

WV is "unmeti" I always get such ironic word verifications!
Mary said…
Yes I join the others in being sick with jealousy.
Suse said…
Me too, but I am laughing myself silly at the coffee lady.
Anonymous said…
I read utter delight in every word.
MsCellania said…
Sour Grapsing right here with The Coffee Lady.
Anonymous said…
I just knew there'd be achey cheeks.

I luff your boots!

Happy for all of you to have had such a fabulous time together.

Oh the boots are fab.

I'm confused. TWO Eleanors?
I thought Commentbox Eleanor was back in town. This is a different Eleanor?

Maybe your LURKER will start commenting now.
Lover Lady said…
You're so cool.
Anonymous said…
That is just so fantastic--exactly how I imagined it going for you all. And the boots and cardigan are divine.
I bet EL is as hysterical in person--probably more so.
eurolush said…
I'm jealous, too...oh, wait. I WAS THERE!

bb--meeting up with you and Eleanor was the highlight of my summer. It couldn't have been a more hilarious, side-splitting, magical evening. Not possible.

You are divine.

PS--wv: fabology: the study of fabulous things. (example: bb).
Poppy B. said…
OMG Wendy will just die when she gets a load of all those SEWING MACHINES!!!
Anonymous said…

Thank you for cropping out my triple chins.

Thank you for not outing me, except for that one crazy, googly eye shot.

Thank you for making me snort with laughter. I have not laughed that hard in a long time. We were quite a quartet, no? Especially post-WGNF (wine glass number four).

I have 12 toes.
My hair is really a large wiglet. I steal mail from my neighbors mailboxes.
I am married to a professional boxer.
He's also a conjoined twin.

It was fun meeting you, and seeing what a cute, tiny, saucy, potty-mouthed little bird you are.

Even getting lost and sucking in those fresh asphalt fumes was fun.

Lurkers of the world, unite!

Miz S said…
ha ha. The Coffee Lady is funny.

Glad you guys had fun.
eurolush said…
My husband is "the other" conjoined twin.

He's a motivational speaker, the pastor of Wretched Souls Ministry, LLC, (located in El Paso, TX)--as well as the main feature of several episodes of "Hoarders."

We all live in a mobile home together.

It's complicated.
Priscilla said…
Transparent clothing? Really? Why bother. Just go neckid. Yeah. But the boots are the bomb. Did you get them?

Wait! What? 400 antique Singers? 400!!! I have two. Must have more.
alice c said…
Alas!! I have just discovered that envy is most vexatious for the spirit.