The Thursday newspaper is my favorite. There is a fashion section and a home decor section and I just cannot wait to dig into it on the train. I even, sometimes, leave the puzzles for the trip home as I am too excited.
This week I read this:

clothing diet

which was a story I was somewhat familiar with. The idea behind the clothing diet, the ultimate goal, is to increase awareness of rampant consumerism while forcing us to take a look at our spending habits and wardrobes at the same time. A bunch of people in the internet world spent time not buying clothing (that they did not need) and made themselves wear six or ten or fifteen items of clothing only during a specified period of time. People documented this experiment, people took no-spending oaths, it was interesting to watch/read about.

And I am no different than most people...mostly.
Because I didn't used to have my own income and with K being a freelance guy for most of our lives (I do need to write a post about freelance employment vs. full-time staff employment) I have never really been free and easy with the idea of shopping. It has always been a rare occurrence wherein I felt comfortable shopping for no specific reason - though I will admit that I had a great time buying my go-to-work clothes and I do sometimes whine for something new, I don't usually purchase anything.
Am I veering off?
Okay, so, I read the article and thought: I am the perfect candidate for this experiment! I have not bought anything just for the sake of buying something for a long time (with my own money and not gift money). And I could, conceivably, choose ten items from my closet and wear only them for a month (accessories were not subject to the rules). It must be freeing, on some level, to know what you ARE going to wear every day, no?

A skirt, a top, a pair of jeans, a pair of leggings, a dress, a cardi - layered, accessorized, belted! I could do it.
There's nothing I NEED right now (though my belt looks pretty shoddy).
I will be monk-like I think!
I will be so streamlined!
I save money!
I could clean out my closet, get rid of some things I never wear!

I walked to work with this plan.
I was invigorated.

I sat down and opened my email.

new arrivals

Hey! What's this? Oof! Just look at that sweater! It's glorious!

<span class=



The top underneath it is not my style...

shorts wool shorts...

bag I don't need

OH! BUT THE BAG! I so want the bag! My black tote is falling apart - and $65 is not a terrible amount of money...(she says looking down at the black tote and spying the newspaper article inside her bag).


It seems I have some work ahead of me after all.


RW said…
I really need to clean out my closet - it is filled with clothes I don't wear. I usually wear the same rotation of garments every week... maybe this fall when the seasons change.

I like the bag too!
Paola said…
Amy A. said…
I'm the consumate goodwill/thrift store shopper. I went to Target last night and couldn't even bring myself to purchase a new top for 14.99 because I know I can find SOMETHING at the goodwill for 3.99.

My dream one day is to go to a real store and buy brand new clothes and not even think about the price tags. It looks like that may be a ways off into my future, though!
Anonymous said…
It's easier to embrace the Spartan approach to wardrobes when you a) live in the country and b) don't work outside the home. You have a "pass" for the bag.
Anonymous said…
Many comments.

A) get the bag if you need it. You should not wear cheap shoes or carry a cheap/worn-out bag.

B) Aside from buying a new bag, which you can totally afford at $65.00, you should totally try the experiment.

C) This summer, as part of my job, I have to wear a uniform. At first I was quite resistant to the idea (it's new this summer), for many reasons, but then I embraced it as freeing. I am really enjoying not having to think about what to wear. And I enjoy clothes and putting together outfits. But this is working for me right now. (And it's temporary, so that's an upside to the situation; I'm looking forward to fall and wearing my own stuff.)

D) I'm in love with that cardigan with the asymetrical zipper too.

Pamela said…
I like your post. Thanks for sharing a blog like this. Keep on posting. I enjoyed reading your blog.
Scot said…
I'll tell you what sucks about this post - realizing that, apparently, I've been on the clothing/shopping diet for about 15 years now! My New Years resolution was to buy 1 new clothing item EVERY month. So far this year I've bought socks, some unreasonably priced underwear, and a pair in cargo shorts. I thought I was being uber-cool ordering a shirt from Abercrombie & Fitch until it arrived. I ordered an XL (I do that so the sleves are long enough) and got something that MIGHT fit a 15 year old skinny boy! WTF? The tag says XL, the pretty boy on their website looked normal enough, but apparently all those models are dwarfs or hobbits or something. Actually, I just wanted a shirt with a moose enbroidered on it. Oh well, live and learn...
Anonymous said…
I was just reading that very article as I was waiting for my laptop to power up. Then I read your post. I'd read about this before, but can't remember when/where.I enjoyed your take on the subject. I find that when I am traveling I tend to dress/live this way. I gravitate to the same 2 pairs of shorts, 2 pairs of favorite pants and the same 3-4 tops. I never get around to wearing that cute dress or skirt I brought with me, always thinking there will be a more suitable time to wear them. There never is. I definitely should pack lighter!
Julia said…
I read that article yesterday too and wondered what your take on it would be. My first thought - I bet all 6 pieces of clothing get thrown out at the end of the six weeks!
Hilary said…
My motto: Life's short - SHOP! My closet can vouch for this! When I first moved in with my husband, my mom warned me not to take all my clothes at once, as she feared it would scare him off. Years and a closet enlargement, I haven’t changed much, although I have been better lately….well, just a little.
6 pieces of clothing: been there, done that, all through college.

No thanks.

I do agree,however, with the philosophy of buying the most expensive value of what you need and then wearing that s a classic. If anything, I'm guilty of buying something just because it is on sale.