flensing the cat, or, selected notes from the past couple of days

Attention: I have been to the doctor. I officially have been diagnosed with a clogged ear.
You may now resume your regular activity.

So, my brother and I spent the day together on Monday. Much hilarity ensued, we went to the supermarket together, we investigated a traffic event and we cooked. It is important to note that upon his arrival he saw three bags of tortilla chips on my kitchen counter (the boys have been enjoying chips and salsa of late).

File under he must bust my chops all the live-long day:
My brother decides we need a cat, not a kitten mind you, a cat. A full-grown cat with an attitude, he thinks would be swell for us, he tells me. The kind of cat that wakes you, just because, and, when you ignore it, knocks over a large glass of water on your dresser. He pitches this idea for eight hours.

While sitting with our laptops he becomes tearful with laughter:
Listen to this!
Two Betazoids walk into a bar, one says I'll have the same.

Having purchased a jar of pickles for Oldest (which, in itself, is a story)
(Slapping forehead) I've invented a new cocktail: the Fredricksburg. It's a martini with a cornichon in it.

Whilst moving gingerly about my kitchen (although he has stayed at my home alone for a week and freely cooked in my kitchen while I was away):
Hey, can I have some seltzer? Yeah, of course
Can I have a lemon? Yes, why are you asking my permission to have this stuff?

After reminding me two or three times, in the market, that we might or might not need tortilla chips:
But you know what would be really good with this? Tortilla chips.

When I exclaim, happily, that our mother is watching something funny on television:
Mom is watching footage of a french pig running through the country-side!
Patrick Demarchlier is on tv?

Also, he made some of this.

good stuff


Badger said…
Brothers are the best.
NorahS said…
Good times, good times.
Paola said…
How I miss my brother ...
Happydog said…
Almost makes me wish I wasnt' an only child...
Clogged ear...yuck...had one...hate the water pump thingy they use to clear it out...
Amy A. said…
Love the Betazoid joke! And that looks yummy.
Crazy Mom! said…
You know what's sad? I totally get Betazoid joke.

Cats are fine. I lurve mine.
Anonymous said…
Whenever I type brothers, I often forget the "r". Then again, I have four of them. Good and Bad, I love them all, and see bits of them in my two little (ish) boys.

Boys R Us,
Jen said…
So rare nowadays that one hears good Betazoid humor.

Betazoid is one of my many nicknames for LB, since he can so often intuit my feelings.
Anonymous said…
Wish I had a brother that I got along with. Mine never liked me, I mean from the moment I was born.
You are a lucky sister :)
Anonymous said…
Smart, funny, and he can cook? Nice. And my god, look at those tomatoes. YUM.

oh how this made me miss my big brother.