So many things are swirling around me - a crazy week.
My thoughts are scattered.
I sat at my desk very early yesterday (I had organized a company breakfast and meeting)
I was working my ass off and feeling stressed when I opened this email from a friend at the office:

Subject: Sing It Sister

Oh happy day (oh happy day)
I'm talking about the happy days (oh happy day)
C'mon and talk about the happy days (oh happy day)
Oh, oh, oh happy days (oh happy day)
Ooh talking about happy day (oh happy day)
Oh yeah, I know I'm talking about happy days (oh happy day)
Oh yeah, sing it, sing it, sing it, yeah, yeah (oh happy day)
Oh, oh, oh
Oh happy day.....


I took stock for a moment and realized/remembered what great people I work with.
How lucky am I?
After my long and somewhat tedious day, a friend of mine from Tuvalu met me in town for drinks which was really wonderful. (Effusive, amn't I?)
Did I mention that I was alone in a room with Alton Brown for about ten minutes?
I was.


Anonymous said…
I love Alton.

Anonymous said…
Did you speak with Alton? He's lost so much weight- on tv he looks skeletal. Does he look ok in person?
Paola said…
Well, I have no idea who Alton Brown is (also after googling him) so no questions from Positano, I am afraid.
blackbird said…
I did speak with him - and he looks slightly better in person (and tanned). His weight loss is the result of a diet of sardines and diet soda.
Amy A. said…
:) This is happy!
Keetha said…
I met Alton Brown briefly a couple of years ago at a book signing. I was impressed by how personable and unhurriedal he was. Nice guy.
chickie said…
Aww what a sweet friend:)
Did Alton sing you a song too?
Scot said…
"alone in a room with Alton Brown for about ten minutes"

So how mant times did he say "NOW"
On his shows, he averages roughly 4times every 10 minutes.
Crazy Mom! said…
I love Alton. He's a local guy for me - and very sharp. That must have been fun - O happy day!
Joan said…

You are the only person other than my daughter who's ever used the word "amn't". As if I didn't love you already ...!
Anonymous said…
You did? You were? You lucky!
I think he's Wonderful.
blackbird said…
I most certainly am NOT joking.
That's how he did it.