coming soon

  • Notes from the commute.
  • My clogged ear
  • That other post I've been meaning to write.
  • The one I'll write three times and keep deleting.
  • Which I'll delete.
  • What I'm doing this weekend.
  • The heat.
  • Powerpoint and how it will be the death of me.
  • The heat.


Paola said…
Oh Bb. How I hear ya.
I look at my image reflected in the mirror and GET SCARED.
Anonymous said…
My friend B at work has a clogged ear! He's totally beside himself over it.

jbhat ps. it's hot here too.
MsCellania said…
Oh, my doctor-up-the-street took a peek in my clogged ear night before last after all our children were in bed. I trotted to her house with my otoscope (and 2 pair of outgrown boys' sport socks loaded with 4 eggs to save her a trip to the store) and she said "Ah, the fluid-filled allergy ear! Mucinex will fix that right up!" And it did. (600-1200 mg 2x/day)