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What does one do when one orders cases of fine wine which are delivered in terrible heat?
One opens a bottle to see if "it has gone off."
It hadn't.


Pretty, yes?
Don't ask me - I've no idea where I saw them.

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I must.
I have to have dresses like these.
I need to commission a friend who sews - they are so simple!

fiat 500

We WANT one of these!
Paola has one. Of course, she had to marry her Absolutely Gorgeous Husband to get one - but, we all make sacrifices.


I am beginning to itch


for Fall clothes.


Sock dreams is a great site.

over the knee

I'll have a pair of these, thank you.

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And these too.


Paola said…
You gotta do what you gotta do!
I am SO itching for fall.
Anonymous said…
ARgh! Get me out of this uniform! Now I too am itching for fall. What yummy, cozy, cuddly goods you've shown.

Amy A. said…
Socks and clogs! LOVE.

We haven't had enough summer weather for me to itch for fall, yet.
Priscilla said…
Just one question, um, how much wine do you have to drink to determine if it's gone off? Cuz I'm thinking 2 glass min.
Anonymous said…
sorry, but the dresses look Amish to me.
And NO NO NO to socks and fall clothes! But of course, I write this from Wisconsin, where winter lasts for half the year.
Anonymous said…
Your lavendar still looks lovely!

Duyvken said…
I love those fabric bracelets. Gorgeous!
And have you seen this?
the clothes are for children but I WANT one of everything. They're stunning, don't you think?
I've sent you the blog link but there should be a link to the shop there somewhere too.
Hilary said…
Summer is too short... I never itch for fall!
Major Bedhead said…
I love the bracelets and I kind of want to find a car like that and bring it home and put it on a shelf so I can coo at it.

Fall clothes. Love.
Wendy said…
Not so sure I can do dresses and a house renovation at the same time, but those bracelets are doable.

Can you tell how long I've been out of touch with blogs commenting a week late?