Blackbird's Two Minute Movie Reviews

Last weekend it was 104 degrees in Tuvalu. One. Hundred. Four.


It really doesn't matter all that much if you have air conditioning in 100 degrees.
We mostly stayed in our rooms but we all agreed to leave the semi-comfort of 80 degrees and venture out for a trip To The Movies.
That's right. We actually went to a movie. All five of us. In the movie theater. And we enjoyed ourselves.

First of all, I need to say that someone told me that the short animation shown before Toy Story 3 was better than Toy Story 3 and I feel obligated to say - nay, SHOUT, that this is a bold-faced LIE.
While clever and smartly retro, Day And Night is NOT better than the main attraction.

As FOR the main attraction: I laughed, I cried, I told my children that WE WILL NEVER DISPOSE OF A TOY AGAIN. In short, I loved it.

I also need to say that I do not think this is a movie for small children - there are many scary moments and there is meanness. And so, you, who sat four rows back with your tiny baby and your three year old, you may have made a mistake. And I'm glad I wasn't at your house at bedtime last night. (I wasn't so happy to be four rows in front of you while the baby wailed either.)

But the movie? I think we all liked it!


Hilary said…
100 degree days are not so much fun when your air conditioner breaks, the day before you have two eighty year old house guests arriving to visit for seven days and eight nights. It is also not fun that you are not able to get an appointment to have the compressor replaced for two weeks, which coincidently corresponds to after your next set of house guests arrive…. Fortunately it is a little cooler at the shore, but with the humidity… UGH! I must admit, I am looking forward to heading to work today!
KPB said…
we did this tonight! But it was rainy and about 15C. But all of us - with Mum too!

And I agree totally. We laughed, we cried. Well, I cried.

Oscar, Felix and Jasper loved it. Jasper gushed at me at the end that his favourite bit was with the train and the furnace.

Felix said he got a little teary when Andy and his mum were standing in his room and his mum got teary. Which made me teary. So Felix asked if I'd cry when he went off to uni and I said OF COURSE and Chef said, 'even if it's Clown School?' Pfft, what a clown.
Paola said…
Uh ha. But you have 42% humidity whreas here we have (currently) 95°F, with 54% humidity and in the morning is 80,5°F with 87% humidity.
No A/C.
Don't ask me how I am, considering my guests and all the related crapola.
Badger said…
Okay, yes. That is legitimately hot. We haven't even hit 100 here in TX yet! Not my part of TX, anyway.

My girl child wants to see TS3 but I have been warned that it is cry-making so we're not going until I've purchased the proper eye makeup.
Fannie said…
We too loved "Toy Story 3" but the monkey scared the bejebus out of me!
Florida. Central A/C. 74 degrees...24/7/365.

A hint from the girl who works in the Shower Gel Store. Put your body spray in the fridge. Spray the back of your neck. Lovely chills.

Everyone I know that has seen TS3 has told me they cried.
I have boxes of toys and dolls in my storage unit that are labeled
FFG...For Future Grandchildren.
barbra said…
Oh, I cried so hard at the end! I loved it, but am not keen to see it again anytime soon, what with all of the crying... I was emotionally spent.
And then, do you know what? We have spent the last month sorting toys... these are being donated, these are going to our little cousins, these are going in the attic... (Note that we couldn't send any to the trash!)
Anonymous said…
I usually do not enjoy "childrens' movies," at all. But I am tempted to see this one...someday, and not with my kiddos. But will I cry? I'd like to think yes, but am worried that I won't and what that might say about me.

halloweenlover said…
I was mortified when I couldn't stop crying at the end, and kept telling myself, "it is a movie with IMAGINARY CHARACTERS!" Sheesh. Gabe is one of these oblivious to bad stuff kids, so he did fine and so did Josie. He doesn't even notice the mean stuff.

I liked it too!
Anonymous said…
(nods head knowingly) Mr. g had told us NOT to buy TS3 because the monkey freaked him out. But I loved it.
Cat said…
LMSS -- Thank you for the tip about the body spray. Like that! And "Florida. Central A/C. 74 degrees...24/7/365." --- ME TOO!!!

As far as TY3, I will not be taking my children (1 and 3 y/o) for just that reason. I wouldn't want to ruin someone else's movie experience, even though the 3 y/o is very well-behaved in the theater.
Armando Codina said…
Well, I have been warned that it is cry-making so we're not going until I've purchased the proper eye makeup. thanx for the info.