the weekend

It's common in my office for people to ask what others have planned for their weekends. I suppose it's polite for some to inquire and for others it's a way of touching base - might they have similar plans or be wondering if they might run into friends at a local eatery or party?
This is the way the conversation usually goes with me:

bb (undoubtedly speaking to a twenty-something pal): Hey! Happy Friday! Doing anything special this weekend?

Young Office Pal: Well...I'm going to see a show tonight with a bunch of friends, I think we're going to meet up at about ten and see what happens after that. I'll get to sleep in tomorrow, which will be nice, and in the afternoon I think we're going to see what's going on at the flea market. On Sunday I've got a brunch at that place that makes amazing hash browns and then I'm going to that new exhibit of (totally unrecognizable name). What about you?

bb:, I know my husband is making ribs tomorrow night, so that'll be nice. And, uh, Sunday? I don't know...laundry and the paper, I guess?

I suppose when K and I were twenty-somethings we did all those things too, but I sure can't remember.
I suppose that's what young people should be doing on weekends.

K and I did a grocery run this morning - it was our standard date for Saturdays for a year. I had breakfast with my pal K (not husband K) and we talked about our kids.
I cleaned the loo. Glamorous, no?

Tomorrow I'm making another round of Crack Pies. I'm bringing one in for my lunch bunch having bragged about the lengthy process of making them. I love my lunch bunch - five twenty-somethings, one lady in her early 70's and me. We touch base with each other late each morning: who brought what for lunch, who needs to run out and pick up food and what time we'll all meet up. We eat in a conference room and talk. One is a great world traveler, one is an extraordinary baker, one has just arrived in the city. J and I are the only marrieds. Each of us in different stages of our lives but we revel in bad date stories and house-sitting tales and apartment news, we worry for each other's families and cheer each other's triumphs. It's awfully nice. People in the office regard us as a closed club, though we aren't. Sometimes others drift in and sit with us - we don't mean to be cliquish, but are construed that way. Not necessarily negatively.

It's well hot here. Mid 80's.
Another bathroom awaits me and Youngest has just sent me this:


Lover Lady said…
I know what you mean. Sometimes I feel so DULL because all I do (it seems) is piddle in the garden, read, clean house, run errands, and such on the weekend. But, you know, that's ok with me at this point in my life. One day, those 20-somethings will have houses and kids and dogs and spouses and their weekend lives will be different, as well.
Badger said…
Mid-80s is hot? HA! HA I SAY.

DH and I did NOTHING on the weekends when we were young and child-free. I like to think we will fill our weekends with all sorts of fun activities when we are old and child-at-home-free, but ... probably not. Oh well.
Anonymous said…
Ahhh. The realities of being an adult and having to spend weekends ensuring that a family runs smoothly rather than engaging with a jam packed social life...
Anonymous said…
I was reading about my cousin's son, who just got back from Costa Rica. Today he went to work for a bit, took his first sky dive, ripped around in a vw bug, and is currently at a great dance club downtown.

Clearly, he stole all the adrenaline meant for the entire family. Punk.

Hilary said…
Oh… Age doesn’t matter… I am 36 and my retired mom is in her early 70’s. Every Friday she rattles off her weekend plans to me, which include zero down time. When she asks what I am up to, I pretty much have the same answer, “Oh, Marc and I are just hanging out.” Even though we have fixed things around the house, cooked some great dinners, or relaxed on the beach, weather permitting, she always asks, “how are you not bored?” When she comes to visit, she tuckers me out!
RW said…
I am so busy through the week that I crave weekends with not alot of scheduled activities... usually we just hang out with friends - that is enough.
Paola said…
I love Youngest finds and picks. LOVE them.

Our day today: Brizio went to Laurito alone (as any 9 year old does right?) and we went by scooter in the mountains behind our coast for a delicious lunch and great wine in an osteria .
We toured the whole area surrounding us. For a change.
alice c said…
My weekends have to be planned with military precision because otherwise we would not eat during the week OR wear clean clothes OR be able to walk on the floors without catching the plague.

But I did go to the pub with colleagues after work on Friday and talk about gigs and suchlike - does that count?
Anonymous said…
Alice C and I have the same life. And I'm fine with it because I love it. And no regrets--my twenties were plenty busy with all sorts of fabulousness. And I wouldn't want to be constantly out there doing all that now anyway. Seems wistful somehow.

Duyvken said…
Shhhh, Mr Duyvken and I had babies too quickly to have enjoyed ANY of that life yet. Sadly, we'll be the truly tragic 50 year olds trying to pretend we're 22 to catch a youth lost.