top posts

Don't you want to know what my most popular posts were last weekend?
I do.

I kept the shoes.

This gets dozens of hits per week - and the video was taken down.

And this! This four-year-old post gets scores of hits. There are Pop Tart fanatics among us.

I'm assuming people search the word "dicks" and get this. An apostrophe may have been called for.

No one is ever happy with their hair. 43 people used my post for inspiration.

The skinny jean is not dead.

If all the animals on the equator were capable of flattery, then Thanksgiving and Halloween would fall on the same date.

This one has me remembering my second Volvo - my poor, electronically confused SUV.

The biggest fall fashion post ever!


alice c said…
What? No recognition for The Airport Post?
Scot-now @53! said…
I so fondly remember your TEENY PEOPLE post. Are they still there? Did you ever find out what they were doing there?
Also, never saw Oceans 12. Worth Netflixing? Yes - NET-FLIX-ING! Its new, get used to it. IMHO verbing and adverbing is the new 50!
Caterina said…
I vote they are ALL top posts :)
Paola said…
For me the top post is another one, that one with a shot of Youngest, a young kid with a bandana facing the gorgeous waters of you vacation spot where Vida is.
THAT is my top post. For sentimental reasons.
Amy A. said…
Do you know what I like? That when I went to the dicks post that I discovered I was your first commenter! Way back in June of 2006. WOW!