K and I fell in love, many years ago, on this date.

It was Mukhtar's birthday. He went to work driving the bus and his regular passengers decided to do something nice.

I hope something nice happens to you today.



You and K

And Mukhtar

A sweet way to start the day.
Anonymous said…
I'm smiling RIGHT NOW because of this post--you shared this nice thing with me and I'm so happy.
Badger said…
Well goodness. That made me cry, a little bit. But in a good way!
RW said…
I cried a little too.
mizz_b said…
I'm a little teary. In a good way. Thank you.
Paola said…
That 17 ... always popping up.
Just Plain Jane said…
What a treasure to share with us. Thanks and may your own day hold something especially pleasurable.
Scot said…
That was cool. Today is also my birthday. I didn't get any flowers but I did get an edible arrangement. BTW, pinapple and chocolate DO NOT go together well, but the strawberries are oh so sweet!
Anonymous said…
I think that qualifies as a bit more than "something nice." Something outstanding!

Happy Day of Falling in Love to you and K. Dear god, what if you hadn't met?? Have we ever had a post about the hows?

Mary said…
Made me weep too - how do you find these things?

Happy falling in love day to you both..

Anonymous said…
Brings a tear to the eye and a smile to the heart.
alice c said…
Real life love stories are always more heart-stopping than fiction.

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