this and that


Middle and I engaged in some thumb wrestling. We probably haven't thumb wrestled since he was small and we were waiting for a meal in a restaurant.

post wrestle

(post wrestle) Exhausted hands.

He claims I won. I think he may have thrown the match.


Then, I made mustard. It's so easy (if you have mustard powder). Kinda hot! I like it with steak.

warm potato salad

K made warm potato salad with watercress from the same food blog as the blueberry buckle. I could have eaten the entire bowl.

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The upstairs loo has no door! It DID have a terrible door that did not match the rest of the house - hollow feeling and cheap. Our neighbors are renovating and replacing some of their doors and K snagged a nice, old, heavy door. He's refinishing it and, while he does, we are doorless. He re-installs it at night, thank heavens.

with AC

We have the AC in there. Too complicated to explain. No place else to put it. BUT...


the honeysuckle vine from outside the kitchen door is creeping around it and I like the way it looks...BUT...


IT IS ENCROACHING! I know K will immediately react by clipping it so I'm not telling him right away. I like it.
(I've just realized he reads this.)

We trudged off to the Giant Store this morning. Not our favorite thing but we needed napkins and zip bags and...erm...something else that is well purchased at the Giant Store (can't remember).
We saw:

sport-<span class=

the umbrellas which were all the rage at the beach last week. Ten dollars cheaper than we had seen them online ($39). VERY heavy to carry though they seemed wonderfully effective at shading and shielding.

an excellent cooler

the most wonderful cooler.

outdoor oven

this fabulous camping oven/stove!
I ALMOST think I could go camping with it!
I could build the sweetest tiny kitchen with that stove and cooler.
Perhaps in my secret cabin by the sea.

I'll keep you posted.


Adventure Otaku said…
NO! Stay away from the coleman steel belted cooler. They look great, but ironically, don't keep things cold. Go igloo, or nothing. So let it be written.....



have you tried the mustard at McSorely's? to die for.
Anonymous said…
I *think* I can tell from the pictures that you are left-handed. I wonder if I am right (ha ha).

I like how you observe the Giant Store's wish to remain anonymous on the internet.

Sue said…
And funnily enough, there is actually a Giant's super-store (actually called Giant, this is not a pseudonym) chain in these parts of the world...go figure! :)
Anonymous said…
I am camping right now (end of third week, one more to go) and I am here to tell you that you Do.Not.Want an oven when camping. People will expect you to cook then. I prefer to have them take me out for pizza or burgers or pretty much anything that does not require me to put forth effort. It is called "vacation" for a reason.
Anonymous said…
Could it actually be called camping if you took that oven?

Is that honeysuckle cut back yet? Wouldn't last five minutes at my place before my Pete trimmed it.
KPB said…
But if FEELS like you post every day and that's the main thing.

And I want that Eski and that camp oven. WANT. Actually, not really the oven, but definitely the Eski.

And you? You would go camping with us and LOVE if. LUFF it even.

I'm also kind of coveting that sink in your upstairs bathroom. And that light fitting.

The honeysuckle gives me the heebie jeebies though. Snip away K, I say, snip away.
KPB said…
Having said that about the Eski, if we did go a 'good' Eski it'd be one of those fuck-off ones that commercial fishermen use. You know the ones - that are thick plastic with white-man's magic involved so ice in it stays frozen for days, WEEKS!, even. Sweet.

Can you tell we haven't been on a holiday since Easter '09?
Paola said…
I love the GIANT STORE!!! It's so giant and it's got giant packaging of things, it amazes me.
I like the honeysuckle, don't snip K!
(Now we're going to be divided: PRO SNIP and AGAINST SNIP)
Jennifer said…
I <3 camping but wouldn't want that stove. I much prefer to cook on the fire :)

Hi you! Sorry I've been such a slacker lately.
RW said…
I was all excited about the cooler but then I read the first comment. That would be incredibly LAME if it did not keep things cold.
Anonymous said…
What a cooler!
What a bathroom!
What a vine!
Miz S said…
I love watercress! Mmmmmm.

Also, I love vines that creep into houses. Josh is just like K, he will not stand for it! What is it with these men?
Priscilla said…
My father was a finish carpenter. Our house was in a state of re-modeling at all times. I remember many weeks with no bathroom door, no toilet, sinks in the backyard, all of it. We had our fridge in the garage for a month.
Priscilla said…
Oh, and don't snip. How very sweet to have in growing in your house like that.