things I'm into this weekend

I fixed the kitchen radio. It was very static-y and I realized that the cord was twisted up. Untwisting it was a stroke of genius.

Schmutzie's Five Star Friday. Lots of good stuff there.

Look, I know this weekend is all about football/soccer but how could I not love this:

The New Zealand All Blacks rugby team doing their ceremonial Haka before a game.

I'm into berries this weekend. Everything is in season and delish. Strawberries are my favorite and a co-worker brought in a bucket of berries she had picked herself - totally different than the ones in the market, they were wonderful.

I am re-appreciating my Camper Wabi clog-like shoes. Made from the softest hemp-like cord braided and sewn by a women's collective in India, I wore them with great frequency a couple of years ago and pushed them to the back of my closet. I dug them out this spring and have been loving them again.

Finally, I've made great strides with the crossword puzzle of late. Small victories, I know, but I'm awfully proud of myself. I can finish the Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday puzzles. I made a serious dent in Friday's and completely finished last Sunday's (on Wednesday, so it took four days, but still).


unmitigated me said…
I am a big crossword puzzle fan! My local paper publishes only the Sunday NYT puzzle, but the bookstore has whole books of them by day! I started with the Thursday book, and am up to the Sundays. Hubs won an iPad at work and has been doing the app version of the daily.
RW said…
I am thinking, that I am going to work a crossword into my new sat am routine.

checked out the clogs..they are an odd looking thing but comfort is key

the sun has indeed come as promised.

happy saturday to you.
I bow to you for finishing last Sunday's puzzle. I had ditched it by Sunday night.
Anonymous said…


(I hope that doesn't get messed up when I hit submit...otherwise it will be lame.)
Anonymous said…
Okay, it did get messed up. It was supposed to be like a crossword.


Laura Jane said…
Ooh, thanks for the Haka vid. It, um, *does* things to me 8) I lived in NZ briefly 10 years ago and the haka was such a discovery. I'm not usually into such macho-ness, but oh my! It really raises the hairs on my head!

We only attempt one crossword per week unless we're on holidays, then it is a daily pursuit. Holidays coming up! Woo-hoo!!!!
Helen said…
hello fm NZ. we love those all blacks and their haka.
Paola said…
This is my answer:

It's all I have for now
blackbird said…
@Paola: How nice!
If only they played in their skivvies!
Elan Morgan said…
Thanks for linking to Five Star Friday!