some information about Monday

As previously mentioned, my black flats have fallen apart. In an attempt to reintegrate a pair of some old black shoes into my daily wardrobe I am faced with two pairs of uncomfortable black sandals of unknown provenance and a pair of black Camper Mary Janes.
One of the pairs of sandals is dated looking and badly scuffed the other is not terribly comfortable, the Mary Janes scream lamb dressed as...(is that the way that goes?).
I wore the not terribly comfortable pair today. I now have blisters.

My watch (one of several black watches of varying value and sentimental attachment) self destructed at 12:33pm. The leather band absorbed the very last drops of glue, apparently, and it fell off my wrist. Another of my watches let its pin fall out a few weeks ago.

Working in town every day is wearing hard on my shoes and watches it seems.

I've had a sore throat for at least four days. I keep taking over the counter medicine and, subsequently, falling asleep, to no avail. My ears are a little clogged too. Aren't you glad you came by?

It’s unbearably hot here. And, really, I would be more complacent about it but it's 92. Ninety two. That's really kind of hot. Of course one still needs a cardi on the train.

This just in, from Youngest:


Jen on the Edge said…
If you're looking for basic black ballet flats, the Gap had them a few weeks ago.

I'm normally dubious about inexpensive ballet flats, as they so often lack enough support; however, I got a pair (in a different) color and have found them to be really quite comfortable.

I haven't taken them for a long walk -- such as the mile amble from my house to downtown -- but I can tell you that they've been great for running errands, trekking through big stores, etc.
smalltownme said…
I love the slide!
KPB said…
DUDE - that van is the Berry Bus - seriously, same colour and everything. Obviously ours is not as shiny, has seats in it and a dint on every panel due to my issues with depth perception. But still.

And you? At the moment? Just further evidence that summer has very little to offer.
unmitigated me said…
German slide. They could never do that in the US for fear of a personal injury suit.
mizz_b said…
I'd like to think I would take the slide.
Paola said…
Love the slide.
And love the "Berry Bus"
Badger said…
"Mutton dressed as lamb," darling. Which you ARE NOT.

Also, it will be going DOWN to 92 here this week, due to rain, and I am looking forward to it. I plan to wear jeans!

On a slide!

(not really)
Anonymous said…
I really hate it when my shoes take a digger--but I have uber-wide feet with (gasp!) bunions so I require a EUROPEAN shoe that never costs less than $80 a pair. Fortunately, those people at Clarks and Dansko do solid work and I rarely need to replace them.

I <3 the slide--especially the expressions on the people WATCHING the sliders. Wistful enjoyment.
Caterina said…
Love the slide too! Love how some people don't even think twice, while others are shocked.

I am in search of comfortable, casual, everyday black shoes. Mine are a mess :P
Scot said…
Your "timing" on this post is kinda wierd. Did you know that Nicolas Hayek, Swatch creator died today? I don't know if it hapened at 12:33 but like I said, your timing is kinda wierd.
Love that slide! And I know I'd take the fast lane.
BTW, thanks for giving me back the url for Crepes of Wrath. I'd lost that during the unfortunate computer debacle of late. LOVE her site.
Poppy B. said…
Hey, I had a terrible, terrible sore throat in May--I whined about it quite a lot at the time--and salt water gargles did the trick. A tsp of salt in half a glass of warm water. Gargle the whole thing, no skimping, every hour. Well, maybe not if you get stuck on the phone. Try not to swallow too much or your rings will get too tight.