so much to say

My word.
I have so many things to tell you!

First: how does one accept a generous anonymous gift? Graciously, dear friends. Gratefully and politely. I'm planning on documenting my shopping excursion as I've realized that while the website is intriguing, it is nothing compared to the photos (watch the video) I've seen of the store. How is it that I have not been aware of this store? It appears to be a steam-punked Anthropologie full of deconstructed garments in a full color palette ranging from gray to black. Is it not perfect for me?
It is - as my kind benefactor knew.
So, I am deliberating on several dates for an excursion.
I only wish my patron could join me while I shop.

Then: I have further news regarding Red Scooter Guy! I ran for the 6:09 train this evening and got the very last seat in the first car only to discover that I was sitting directly across from Red Scooter Guy! He is good-looking, I'll tell you that, and, I am pleased to report, HE knows how to use his iPad. I cannot say the same for the nimrod (wearing shorts, god help me) who sat next to me last night. Yes, RSG, handsome in his suit, spent a long time reading emails and sending emails and emoting, subtly, over his emails. The train was delayed several times and he was fascinating to observe. Nice wedding band, no cuff links, pink shirt, good crinkles around the eyes. When the train finally arrived at the station, I hopped on our scooter, behind K, and Red Scooter Guy noticed us. I smiled at him. Contact has been made. I'll keep you posted.

Next: did you know there is a new Old Spice commercial?

Oh, ladies (and Scot), we love the Old Spice guy, don't we?
He built the kitchen WITH HIS OWN HANDS.

That's not all, but that's all I have the energy for.




Lover Lady said…
What goes around comes around, no?? Pay it forward and you shall reap your reward. :) And, yes, the Old Spice guy is a genius concept.
There's a store???


Red Scooter Guy -

I'm totally picturing Anthony Bourdain.
Major Bedhead said…
Steam punk Anthropologie? Well that sounds intriguing. Enjoy your shopping.

Those Old Spice commercials make me snort and chortle in a most unbecoming way, but man, they are funny.
Happydog said…
I LOVE the Old Spice commercials...everytime I see one there's always something new to chuckle over. Red Scooter Guy--totally intriquing. I make up stories all the time about strangers....and *swoon* he has an iPad...
So do you know who your gift came from? That kind of serpendipity is delightful and doesn't happen often enough...if you ask me....
Paola said…
I am very interested in this RSG. Keep an eye on him.
Anonymous said…
You wrote "anon!" How do I love thee?
And Old Spice guy? And Red Scooter Guy? (I can picture him so well). And the thought of YOU shopping in such a perfectly matched store.
Anonymous said…
I am a SUCKER for crinkles around the eyes. So now I have a crush on a perfect stranger based soley on your very descriptive descriptions of him.

Those Old Spice Guy commercials must have been fun to make.

And I believe that our anonymous patron should fess up! So we can thank him or her for doing such a nice thing for our bb.

Amy A. said…
I lurve the old spice guy!! Makes me smile!!!

I'm so excited you are going to share your shopping spree with us! I can't wait to see what you get.
alice c said…
Can't stop - just rushing out hoping to meet Red Scooter Guy and buying Old Spice as a back up plan.