scenes from the weekend

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We try to leave notes for the fellas when we run away from home.
I haven't quite gotten the knack of shooting the Big Board in my new, darker, dining room.


I polished the counters.
I don't know the French for 1/2.

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Berries are in season - and out of focus.


We got a couple of them out of bed for breakfast on Sunday morning.

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Elixir of life.

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Don't know why I tend to shoot on an angle like this. K was soldering.


The puzzle was the hardest one I've ever tried.
I spoke too soon.
Isn't that just the way?


Paola said…
I can never make them because nobody likes them in my home. Tell me people, have you ever met ANYONE who doesn't like pancakes?
I've got TWO (including a 9 and a hlf yr old that IS).
I love your insed home shots, makes me remember my brief stay there ...
SIGH ...
Anonymous said…
That was a very nice slice of your life. And now I too want blueberry pancakes.
I like your chalkboard.
ssheers said…
Thanks for the pics. There is something very elegant about you/your house/your life.

I think the french for 1/2 is:
"la moitie" or possibly "demi." Google translator says the french translation of "half a cup" is "une demi-tasse."
Anonymous said…
re the blackboard. The angle of incidence equals the angle of reflection. So if you are standing in front of it, the flash will reflect right back into the lens. shoot it from a 45º angle and the flash will reflect at a 45º angle away from the lens.

blackbird said…
@B - ...yes...well...
unmitigated me said…
Wow, I wasn't expecting two science lessons! The Beach sign made me think of my daughter at 3 years old. She asked to go somewhere special, and I said, "We can only go if you promise to behave." She replied, "I AM being hayve!"
KPB said…
And there I was thinking 'sheesh, Blackbird just leaves her adult toys lying around the house? They're so progressive.'
Caterina said…
Mmmm....I see bacon.
Our Sunday paper had the NYT puzzle titled "Full Circle".
It was the easiest one I've ever done. I wonder if our paper gets the Sunday puzzle after it appears in the NYT.

I am also in the "don't like pancakes" club. If those berries were on top of waffles, I'd be all over that.
Anonymous said…
I'm in the pancakes club. In fact, I might even be its president.

Your weekend life IS nice.

Poppy B. said…
When you want "half" as an adjective, it's demi. As a noun, it's moitié.

Wanna know an awesome trick? Use WD-40 to clean/renew your blackboard.

It will make blackbird's blackboard blacker.