1. Covergirl Lipstain. I'm not sure it lasts as long as they say it does but it definitely outlasts lipstick/gloss. Wear some gloss over it if you are over 40. Just sayin.
  2. L'Oreal Everstrong. Excuse me, but this stuff is the shit. I've never used such great shampoo. Every shampoo/conditioner I've ever used leaves my hair feeling like I've just used shampoo/conditioner. This stuff leaves my hair feeling like HAIR.
  3. Beautiful Girls by Sean Kingston. Sure, my kids say I am hopelessly out of date, but I just heard this for the first time whilst awaiting Middle's train and the sun was setting and the breeze was beautiful and....Enjoy.
  4. Listening to my boys describe the three answers applicable to any Global History Final Exam: Cultural Diffusion, Westernization and Nationalism are the three answers you need to pass sophomore year.
  5. Looking at the people around you. The blind woman on the subway was beautifully accessorized. The 34 visiting youths from England were adorably turned out. The two teens sharing iPod headphones made me smile.
  6. Jeffrey Costello and Robert Tagliapietra are the coolest guys around. I'm loving their aesthetic.
  7. Horoscopes. I like Susan Milller. You don't have to believe it to read it, I find it interesting.
  8. Seth. Read him after the horoscope and think for a minute.
  9. Strawberries. They're in season in my part of the world and we can't eat them any faster.
  10. Coppertone anything. I can't get enough of the scent of it.


Thank you for the shampoo recommendation. I'm getting a divorce from Tresemme products. The ones I tried are meant for colored hair but dried out my hair.

I share your love of fresh strawberries and Beautiful Girls.
Happydog said…
I read my horoscope everyday. I seem to "believe" it more when it says good things. Georgia Nicols is the one I read, she's straight forward and quite funny too in a punny way. Here's the link if you're interested
Fannie said…
Loved the Costello Tagliapietra link; the shelves with the albums? Priceless!
Paola said…
I am going to share a sad info here:
Dove Pro Age Shampoo and Condition
that's what I've been using for almost a year now.
It's official: I am OLD.

PS We don't have that L'Oréal line here or I would try it, just so I could give up on the PRO AGE crappe
Anonymous said…
Is there anything that takes us back to teenaged summers faster than the scent of Coppertone?
kayare said…
There's nothing like sniffing the Coppertone! I tried the lipstain and thought it was pretty good. I wish I could find something I liked that would stay put all day and not be drying at the same time.