The finest collection of First World Problems. I had no idea. Not sure whether I am amused or irritated. I'll shut up now.

Spent Sunday watching Anthony Bourdain. To be fair, I cleaned, did laundry and totally re-organized the fridge, but I also watched Anthony Bourdain.

Mr. <span class=

The fridge is almost as good-looking as Mr. Bourdain - look! I made a movie of it!

We have a dedicated shelves for hot sauce, white condiments and jellies.

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They really MEAN bunk beds for the whole family. As in: mom and dad sleep in one bed with Junior just a ladder away. I'm not even a fan of single-level co-sleeping.

We pretty much love the Dos Equis commercials.

K has just sent me an email. He wants one of these. We'd leave it near our Positano home.

A get well wish. From Picasso.

K makes a very fine coffee Heath Bar crunch ice cream.

Today is my brother B's birthday. There were very few photos of him, as a baby, wherein I wasn't mauling him...I couldn't keep my hands off him! He's visiting next month and I'm very excited about seeing him. Happy day, B!

Finally, this from Youngest:

if you have


Crazy Mom! said…
I do love Mr. Bourdain. He would be fun to hang out with. I expect he can party hardy.

Who the heck would want to sleep in bunk beds with their kids? No way. Not even in a cramped cabin on vacation.
Anonymous said…
that's some fridge!
Mr. Bourdain reminds me of a few older men I knew back in my bartending days. "Pleasure" was their middle name, I believe.
Co-sleeping after 6 months is not a healthy choice.
Picasso's handwriting is really wonderful.
The Coffee Lady said…
I do like that poster.

And you have wine in your fridge. Phew! I find it hard to trust people who don't drink.
Paola said…
Um, that Villa you posted there? Fabio's cousin married the owner ... they live there ... we just were there a month or so ago to shoot part of an Italian show called "Secret Italy".
Yeah, I KNOW!!!

And isn't K more of a sailboat kind of man? Although I understand the Riva is ALWAYS the Riva!
Tony, Tony, Tony.
That whole Letters Of Note website is so so so MUCH FUN! I just added it to my favorites.
Scot said…
Maybe if we all go throw ducks at his head, Fabio will move out. Then you can move in and keep the guest room ready. We'll ALL be dropping by. Have the boat ready for when I drop by. Can you ski behind it? Looks kinda fast.
Anonymous said…
"Treat myself to a wee" C'mon now, that's priceless!

Am I a boat person? Hmmm, I believe I AM.

Scot said…
Does K feel like sharing his coffee ice cream recipe with us? I make(very strong)coffee ice cream all summer long. I bought an ice cream maker that's way too small. I'm always looking for a new recipe.
mmm.... hot sauce. ;)