notes from the weekend

my brother's cat

Apparently, my brother's cat will only drink water from a glass. With ice.

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He looks like he's got an attitude too, doesn't he? (I mean the cat, of course.)
I was treated to this cat behavior on video iChat and enjoyed it tremendously. And I don't even like cats.

Bicycles. Rush hour. The Netherlands. Great, huh?
Just thought I'd throw that in here too.

I made Crack Pie to bring to my co-workers. We're having it at lunchtime so I can brag/whine about how long it takes to make.

It's going to be a busy week for us this week. Do I have anything else to report? Not really. I've got a couple of things weighing on my mind but am holding on to my positive outlook.



Paola said…
Oh I love a nice cat with an attitude.
Hi Bb's brother! B, right? That's a lot of B's ...
tut-tut said…
I know I'm trying to hold onto mine, but it's a slippery string tethering me to it. Keep your chin up (or something).
Elan Morgan said…
One of my favourite things about cats is that each cat has its own collection of obsessive behaviours. One of mine will wrestle with you for beer bottles, because he likes to lick smooth things that are cold. He's had a love affair with the surface of the bathtub for years.
Jen on the Edge said…
The bike video was oddly mesmerizing. I still can't believe the one guy who was biking and also pushing along a second bike. And I saw not a single bike helmet.
Unknown said…
I used to live in a suburb of Utrecht and it really is like this. It happens to be a lovely city that isn't touristy. And yes, there are no bike helmets. As a rule, Europeans don't get America's obsession with safety. I don't either.
Scot said…
That;s a good lookin cat. I love cats. They have the devil's ego. Cats are the ONLY animal that lives with us on THEIR own terms. You gotta admire that. I've owned several cats, each and every one of them has been a totally psychotic animal. I might have had something to do with that. Who can say? Dogs are nice too. Big dogs not those little barky things that barely participate in being dog. I've owned a few big dogs too, but if I had to make a choice, feline beats canine 2 to 1.
By the way, the bodega I shop at makes what the guy that works there calls "momma f**k you crack pie." I guess I'll have to give it a try now.
Caterina said…
The Coffee Lady said…
There was a bloke on a bike holding another bike! Another bike!